The list of fresh URL Shorteners is now private!
     From now on, I’ve decided to maintain it only for me and for those who ask me for it.

How to make money online with url shorteners, how to get more clicks/visitors to your shorted links, what is the best url shortener with highest rates, how to find such link shorteners, how to avoid being scammed after working hard on a shortener, why the shorteners turn scam, answers to all those question you will find in the few articles listed below. After you read them you will understand this online business niche from a publisher perspective. And you can start working for your own business to get traffic which you can monetize with link shorteners. If you need help in this process use use the link below to register at my forum and just ask there, I will answer each and every one of you.

Why I do this website? First of all I want to say that this forum and all I do here in my free time is free and I don’t earn even a single cent from it. There are no ads here and no scammy links. Maybe it will be hard for you to believe, but I really want more people to be involved in this business niche, because it is pure gold for making money online. During the years I couldn’t find a better way to build a passive income which won’t require my every day clicking here and there. This niche allows you to build a website/blog/channel, which ones created will get visitors and earn you easy bucks while you work other full time job in your live. But this niche is small and still in a process of growing. I believe it will grow a lot, because there are advertisers which need such niche to pay for their ads, because the biggest ad platforms from google and facebook and a lot more, don’t allow certain advertisers. With this niche they can reach their audience. So that is why I am sure link shortener/url shortener and PPD (Pay Per Download) advertising niche will grow. However, somebody need to do something to educate and help all new ones, because behind this niche there is no multi billion dollar companies to make it popular, even the opposite, the big fishes don’t like it. For example in 2019 google forbid and banned url shorteners from using adsense on their websites, do you know why? The next big example is Facebook which doesn’t allow 99% of the shorted links to be posted on their shitty “social network”, do you know why? Yes ladies and gents shorteners are taking visitors and advertisers from their platforms and ruins their business, based 100% on online advertisement. URL shorteners are like the new billboards, which you see while you drive, but these new billboards are in the internet. I believe that google, facebook, and others will lose market share in future. If you want to have your billboard on the internet highways and earn passive income from ads, join this niche now and start growing/help me make it popular. You can make your own shortener or you can work on a shortener, both ways are welcome. I will make articles about making your own shortener, it’s not so hard and there are already coded free and commercial professional scripts (websites) ready to be installed on a hosting and used, but first I want to help people get visitors/traffic from google and facebook, because that is the real battle. So start now in building your online billboard and you can thank me later.

    Who am I? As you may already know from other forums, I am a publisher and I work with shorteners for more than 4 years. I got huge experience during the years, I was scammed so many times and yet never gave up. So here I am, working with link shorteners which have high rates, are trusted, are paying daily, have fast servers and count my traffic good. From the other hand, I’m testing new shorteners every day, because I want to have a backup in case some of my trusted partners decide to close their business or decrease their rates. To keep having good income, I always switch to my backup shorteners, which I’ve already tested and met my criteria for long term partners. In my free time I work on this forum by sharing useful information for link shoroteners and PPD websites. That way I can help other publishers stay out of troubles and work with the best shorteners available. From the other hand I help in making this niche popular, make it transparent and with that hopefully more legit.

    Now, because of that, I always have a fresh list of trusted NEW shorteners, which I can share with you, together with the latest payment proofs. Just send me a message at my facebook page – or at my forum

    Lately I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel, where with some fellow publishers we decided to provide a short videos, only with the late payment proofs we get for each LEGIT and TRUSTED shortener. The idea is to keep doing that every day and update with new proofs the URL shorteners we work with. We are open and invite every publisher who wants to help the same way to our small URL shortener community. Just register at the forum and post two screenshot for your payment from any url shortener. One screenshot from you shortener withdraw page, where the withdraw is marked as complete (the date of the withdraw and the amount of money must be visible, the rest info you can mask). The second screen must be of your transaction from Paypal, Payer, Paytm, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Skrill or any other payment option. Again we only need to see the date and the amount of transaction, all other info can be masked. Then we I will make a video about your payment proof and upload it at the youtube. Like a THANK YOU, I will put only your referral link in the video description, that way you can earn from referrals which will watch the video and register from your referral link. It is fair together to grow and together to earn, that is why we do that. Also there must be an incentive for all fellow publishers to provide LEGIT URL shorteners to the community. So if you want to join just register at our forum from here and just post your proofs like a new forum topic:


Now check THE YOUTUBE CHANNEL where I post the videos, SUBSCRIBE to support us and get notifications for new videos! –

    I’m making educational articles with TIPS, based on my own experience. My goal is to protect you and share knowledge with you, to keep you away from SCAM shorteners and teach you how to earn in this business. Check the links below, read and don’t make my mistakes! Oh, and if you have something else to add or have a suggestion for an article, send me a message at the forum! Check the articles below:

For BEGINNERS and completely NEW people:

►How to earn money from my links shortened with a URL Shortener? What is this online business about and how exactly we earn from it? URL Shorteners (EXPLAINED)
HOW TO START making money with URL Shorteners ?
►TOP WAYS to get free TRAFFIC fast to your links or website, suggested by 5 youtubers!
►What is the BEST URL shortener?


►The most popular ways to get visitors to shortened links and some TIPS!
►How the URL Shorteners cheat their publishers?
►How to know which URL Shortener is a SCAM?
►Why LEGIT URL shorteners are turning into SCAM?
►TIPS to stop losing money from URL Shorteners! 
►TIPS on how to find LEGIT URL Shorteners!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, I’ve changed this website to a FORUM based, where you will see all latest proof of payments faster then in the youtube channel, because I will change the way the videos are being made. From now on I will post the proofs in the forum first and then will make a video referring to the posts. You all can use the forum and post PROOFS, CHEATING reports, SCAM reports and any NEW url shorteners and PPD (pay per download) websites you find. I will also make videos for posts of other publishers, not only my posts and if I do that, I will put your referral link in the video description so you can earn some extra money from referrals. In the forum you can also post educational articles, news about shorteners and PPD websites and any other discussion you find appropriate. The forum is niche oriented only to URL shorteners and PPD websites! Feel free to REGISTER and join me in this business niche!

Here is the link the forum, which is the home page of this website and link to register:


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