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Start An Account Generator To Earn Using Link Shorteners

Want to earn money online using link shorteners?

Link shorteners are a great way to earn some extra cash. You know, maybe buy yourself a coffee at Starbucks or do anything, really. But now that you’ve found that perfect shortener with the high CPM and all, you’ll be confused asking yourself questions like “How do I get people to click these links? How do I actually earn?” Well, for the second question we already have an answer, but what about the first? In this article, one of the most popular methods for this will be covered in a  step-by-step manner.

1. Hosting & Domain

For a beginner, you may wish to choose some free hosting such as RF.gd, Byet.host or 000webhost, although premium choices such as NameCheap would be preferred. You will also need a domain. You may again want to go for a free registrar such as freenom but again it would be better going for a choice such as Namecheap’s $1 .xyz domain.

2. Template & Choosing The Right Shortener

Once you have finished setting up your hosting and domain, you will need to add the template. You may download here. This template requires no installation and simply needs to be extracted and uploaded onto your cPanel. You can then edit the URLs in the javascript and edit the text in the index file. During this step of editing the urls, you will have to actually search for accounts that are either found or cracked/make accounts to shorten using a Shortener. That brings us to a second problem, which Shortener should I choose? This was answered on our website already however I will simply recommend going on beermoneyforum, checking the Official threads and/or some Shorteners marked as legit, and reading through the replies to see if no publishers had problems. If so, you can most likely use it, although if the owner has an account it may be better to ask whether this type of site is available for use.

3. Traffic

This is the final and also hardest to complete part of starting your new professional account generator. You will have to use either social media or organic Google traffic to get your site boosted towards success. Once you obtain this traffic and complete the final step, your site will be on its way to ‘generate’ some or lots of income!

Author: Luke (will be transferred to his account)

What are the best ad networks for link shorteners?

This article covers all the ad networks that either allow shorteners or are used by shorteners and if it would be a good choice for you/anyone who is starting up their own shortener. You can use all of these or simply pick out your few favs to add to your site. This article will though hopefully be kept quite simple and easy to understand even for the newbies.


Credit: adsense.google.com

Google’s popular ‘adsense’ ad network is definitely the highest paying, though not at all a good choice for link shorteners as it does have a habit of simply banning them for invalid traffic. This is why adsense is still used by them, even though they do know it is highly bannable. I would not recommend using it AT ALL, it is simply listed because of it’s popularity in the shortener scene. In the end, it receives a Shortener rating of 5


Credit: adsterra.com

Adsterra is a not-so-popular scottish ad network which accepts shorteners as long as they have a premium tld (not .tk/.cf etc.). This network offers mostly popups and native ads, which are mostly clean and well-moderated. This network also offers a good cost-per-1kviews of $0.5-$5. This is higher than most networks and so is given a shortener rating of 8.5/10. Also, it pays fortnightly.


Credit: ad-maven.com

AdMaven is actually one of the most popular in the faucet-accepting shortener industry as it has no manual review and not too many restrictions as to what people can/cannot do with their ads. They also offer the best push and popup ads with the HIGHEST rates, which normally hover from $2-$4 and can go up to $8! We would definitely recommend it and give it a shortener rating of 9.25.


Credit: propellerads.com

PropellerAds is an even more popular than AdMaven in the industry, though it may be overrated as most ads are adult and need high alexa rank to even be unlocked. Although it may have some of these disadvantages, it is still overall a good montly paying network for shorteners. As well as offering good popups, it allows you to use 2 types of push ads. You can either pick pay-per-subscription, which pays you every time someone presses ‘allow’ in the notification box ($0.01 to $0.11 per sub) or based on every notif. sent. Overall this ad network will get a shortener rating of 8.


Credit: popads.net

Popads is a pop and floating banner ad network famous mostly for its high rates and held down because of its adult ads. Even with it’s high rates averaging $1.5-$3, it’s held down even more by it’s hard-to-use, outdated, 1990s interface. Though with it’s difficulties, it’s still good for shorteners and receives a Shortener rating of 8.


Credit: popcash.net

Popcash is an extremely simple lower-paying, made-for-beginners ad network offering ONLY pop ads allowing only 1 view per ip per 48 hours, resulting in an even worse rate. It’s average rates are only around $0.7 and it has an even bigger let down offering technically 0.5 views a day. This is why it really only has two advantages. 1. easy to use 2. low minimum payout and daily payments. Shortener rating: 7.5


Credit: mellowads.com

MellowAds is an american bitcoin ad network accepting only sites in the top 200,000 alexa rank. It’s minimum withdrawal is  Ƀ0.001  and it pays on a special ‘get paid on request basis’. This is great because with this network you can offer everyone on your shortener daily payments. It also has many choices between CPM, CPC and CPV. As it only allows the premium shorteners, it receives a Shortener rating of 7.5.

Author: Luke (will be transferred to his account)

TIPS on how to find LEGIT URL Shorteners!

In this article I will show you some tips on how to find URL shorteners, after that I will tell you how to know which one of them are legit and you can use. However, if you have a lot of traffic and you can spare some part of it to test new shorteners, feel free to do that. Actually that way you can find a really valuable partner for long term. That is how I found one of my first partners and we worked together for almost 2 years, before adsense banned his account, because of their sudden policy change.

Search in GOOGLE!

Most URL Shorteners nowadays use adlinkfly script for their websites. That is why most shorteners have the same design. They are looking like this:

At the start I was thinking that it is a kind of scam and I was avoiding to work on such shorteners which looks the same like those who scammed me. However, I found out about this script and even that shortener owners pay for it. Now, why I am telling you this, because you can use the same page source code and default content for a search query. Because most of them use this same script, you can copy a default set text by the adlinkfly developers. For example all shorteners which use adlinkfly script has a default description on their home page like this:

In this case I’ve selected the text: is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free“. Now check what will happen if you search for that exact phrase query at Google:

You see, 80% of all individual results are for URL shorteners which use adlinkfly script. You can use that tip to search for another query, which is used by default from the adlinkfly developers.

Next, instead of searching for default text, used in the adlinkfly default template, check what will happen if you search for the payout rate’s page. All URL shorteners which use this script have a payout rates page, located at this default URL: URLshortener.DOMAIN/payout-rates Now let’s make a search query like this:

With that search query combined with the “inurl” operator, we instructed google to show us like results all websites which includes the phrase “payout-rates” in some of their URLs. You can combine both search tips and modify them if you think for more appropriate search phrases. Also that tip to search for URL shorteners is universal and you can use it for other URL shrotener scripts. All scripts have some default content set by the developers and also some default pages with specific URLs, which you can search for.

Search in YOUTUBE!

Of course, after performing a google search you can move to youtube. It is full with channels which promotes shorteners to get referral users and earn %10 to %30 commission on all publishers earnings. The incentive is to promote legit shorteners, because only that way they will get paid. However, you must remember that those youtubers, without many subscribers have nothing to lose. They can afford to promote any shortener, just to see if they will get paid. Only trust youtubers with big number of subscribers, because if they use scam shorteners, they will just lose subscribers. Now what search queries can you use for youtube? Try these:

Search in FACEBOOK!

The next place to search is Facebook. Just go there and use the search box at the top of the page. Use some search phrases like: “shorten url“, “shorten links“, “URL shortener” and any other combination of keywords which you think are related to the shortener niche. After you hit the search button, or ENTER button on your keyboard, you must do one last thing. Look at the toolbar under the facebook search bar and choose to search only in the facebook pages, check the picture below:

I’ve made example search queries for you, so you can try what I mean. To be honest, these are the query phrases I’ve always used:

Oh, almost forgot, when you execute a search, go to each facebook page from the results. Then, look in the right panel/side of the facebook page for a tab called “Related Pages“. In that tab facebook shows you 3 related pages of the page you are currently looking, so more shorteners may appear there. This tab is important, because those pages are not only related, but also popular in some way. That is why facebook is suggesting you to check them as well.

Check alexa.com info about all LEGIT shorteners!

Useful way to search for shorteners is to use traffic analytics tools like Alexa and check the information related to the traffic of each URL shrotener you know. How does this work? Open in you browser this link:

What you will see is a statistic page of the URL shortener shrinkearn. There you will see a related websites based on the same visitors/traffic. There are several tabs you should pay attention to, because they are showing results based on different criteria: Similar Sites by Audience Overlap, Traffic Sources, Referral Sites and Audience Overlap. Check the screens below:

Similar Sites by Audience Overlap

Traffic Sources and Referral Sites

Audience Overlap

You can use the alexa url above, just modify it and change the domain of shrinkearn to the domain of the URL shortener you want to investigate. I suggest you to do that from time to time with all shorteners you know or find, because traffic is changing and you may find some good partners.

Check the biggest forums!

Last but not least, check one of the biggest forums in the internet, about making money with URL shorteners. Some of them have specific category about shroteners, some don’t. Pay attention to what people comment there and participate by sharing you positive or negative experience from the URL shorteners you work with. That way you will help others with valuable information and will also receive help in same manner. Here are links to the URL shorteners categories of some of the biggest forums out there:

Now, as I promised, I will tell you how to find out, which of those new URL shorteners is LEGIT, so you don’t get scammed. For that reason I’ve made a separate article which is related to this and will 100% help you stay out of troubles, check it out, it is simple and quick to read:

TIPS to stop losing money from URL Shorteners!

  • Use only LEGIT URL shorteners! 

If you don’t have enough traffic to ask for payment after 24 hours, don’t use shorteners, which doesn’t have feed back from publishers. And by feed back I mean at least a payment proof from the last 30 days. Why 30, because if you see an older proof, there is still a chance these shorteners to be scammed by their advertisers. Usually they get their payments in 30 days, so if you see a payment from the last 30 days it is logical to assume they still have money. However, I only share my point and it is possible to work with a shortener, which has older proofs. Also you can ask the users, if you register to the forums and websites which review such services for online business. You can also ask me at the blog’s facebook page, I will always tell you my opinion about a particular URL shortener. Now, have in mind that in some cases the shortener owners post proofs which are not from their website, so be careful who you trust. Always check the user which posts the proof, if he has other proofs or use other shorteners. It is pretty easy to see the user profile activity, if he is a member of a forum. Now, next thing is to use shortners which has more than 1 payment proof, this makes it really legit!

  • Protect your account credentials!

Always use different passwords and usernames for the different shorteners you are registering at. Make a .txt file with your credentials to avoid losing access. Don’t use shorteners without SSL connection, that’s the green lock icon right before the https:// in you browsers address bar. If there is a green lock and the shortener starts with https:// not http:// then you are OK to use. Also use longer password than 6 characters and use letters and numbers. Why is that so important? Because there are phishing fake shorteners, which are online only to steal your username and password. Once you register to them, using your usual username and passwords, the scammer will see it in their database which is not hashed and not protected. Your information is being saved like a plain text. Next the scammer start trying your credentials on different legit and big shorteners to see if he can login. After he gets into your account, he may do a lot of damage. I have a follower, which was scammed this way. The scammer set his own BTC address in his profile settings, noting more. When my friend asked for a payment he didn’t check his BTC address and didn’t notice that it is not his own. After few days on the payment day, he received a mail for his processed withdrawal, but then he noticed he was not the one ho got the payment. It was the scammer’s address. Well, he learned this lesson the hard way, so don’t be like him!

  • Use payment options with minimum fees!

Most used payment option is Paypal, but you should check the what fee they take from you! The Paypal fee is 2.9% + $0.30 for USA users. Do you know what does this mean for a URL shortener withdrawal of $5? Here is the math, if you withdraw $5 from the shortener, the fee for Paypal will be $0.45 and you will receive $4.55. That’s 9% in fees for PP, that’s insane! Most people doesn’t care much or pay attention about that, but check what will happen if you earn $1000 a month and you make smaller $5 transactions – you make a gift of $90 to Paypal. Is that fair, you decide! There are other ways to minimize that fee, but it all depends on your country and if the payment processor offers the service there. I recommend BTC, all the fee you pay is the miners fee, which currently on average is 1 satoshis/byte , which equals to $0.03 for transaction confirmation in 120 minutes. Do I need to say something about that? Hell, I started using BTC, just because of that PP robbery! Don’t be like me in my early days, do it the right way. Also make research about the money of internet and you will find out a whole new universe!

  • Use shorteners with fast payments!

Stop using shorteners, which pays longer than 10 days. Hell, even 10 days is a lot, but at least these shorteners count on their own pockets rather than the ad networks they work with. Usually 30 days is the time they all get payments from the ad networks they work with and that is why they offer their publishers same conditions. However, these shorteners doesn’t do it right and don’t have money in their pockets, they need to fill them first and then pay you. In some cases they even don’t pay you, because your traffic didn’t made them more than your withdrawal or any kind of other excuses. This is the reality, 90% of the time I worked with a shortener with monthly payments I got scammed. But that is not because of me, but because of the business model of the shortener’s admin. He makes a shortener and expects a profit in the first month, that’s not possible for tones of reasons. At least they must test their publishers traffic and update their payout rates accordingly. That’s impossible for less than a month! Also what is this business owner who doesn’t have money in his pockets to invest in his business?

  • Always make a screenshot of your withdrawal!

All shorteners controls their database and they can manipulate it or they can just lose their database and restore it from old backup, in which case your withdrawal and balance may be gone too! The only way to proof your balance or pending payment request is by providing the admin a screenshot made before the data loss event. To avoid manipulations make that each time you request a payment, or every day just to be able to proof your balance.

  • Stop using the shortener which doesn’t pay as usual!

If a URL shortener pays you later than usual, this may be an alarm for you that the owner may has some money issues. Sometimes it may be due to holidays, so before you do something check the nationality of the admin and if it is a holiday time, because banks don’t work on such days. However, if there are no holidays, most probably it is a matter of money problems, in which case – run away!

  • Use your own domain for your shortened links!

So what does it mean? It means that you must register a domain name and a hosting, after that you can make redirects with .htaccess file to your shortened links. For example, if you register a domain, myshortlinks.com you can then do a redirect rule with your .htaccess file. In that case you can use myshortlinks.com/anylinknameyouwant to redirect to your URLshortener/shortlink and paste your own domain links to the places you use to share shortened links. Why you should do that, to avoid losing your links if the shortener dies. If the shortener close or scam and delete your account, you will have to go to each place you pasted your link and edit it with a new shortener. But if you use your own domain, you will save a lot of time and just go to your .htaccess file and change the short link there. No need to go and login to all the places you used to place links. Not even mention that in some of these places your account may be deleted or closed for spam or just inactivity.

  • Use multiple accounts on the platforms you share links!

This is again connected to the SPAM or DMCA copyright issues. You may get your account deleted or blocked and with that all your posts, but if you make multiple accounts you may save some links, because not all of your links may be connected with copyright issues. Nowadays these report are being done automatically by bots.

  • Test every shortener and compare basic features!

Before you start using a shortener check the counter and what % of your visitor is properly counted and what is blocked. Check your hourly earnings and if they corresponds to the statistics from the shortener you used before. Check the ad pages and type of ads on it. Check the loading time of the server, because if the site is overloaded you lose money, even tho the rates are better. 

  • Check peoples feedback for the shortener you use!

One of the most important things is to make research for the shortener you are going to use. If the shortener is a scam you will see bad reviews. Same if the shortener is legit, but shave and cheat their publisher with rates, counted visitors, payments etc. Also you may see payment proofs or good reviews. Always search the domain of the shortener and check the whois data, the age of the shortener and etc. If it is a new domain registered last month – just wait for few months and check for reviews again. Don’t be from the scammed ones!

  • Stay in touch with the admin!

Last but not least, always contact the admin for any problem you may see. Sometimes it is a matter of a bug or tech problem, which the owner can solve with a simple restart of the server. Just don’t hesitate to ask and send mails or messages, the admin is there to serve you, not the other way around!

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Well friends, good luck and stay safe! I hope you will reduce your losses after reading this article! If you like this article share it with those who may benefit from it, in the name of a better URL shortener niche!

The most popular ways to get visitors to shortened links and some TIPS!

This article will tell you what kind of content most publishers of URL shorteners are using to generate clicks on their short links. You can use the tips and same tactics to start earning fast by providing what people search for. I will try to keep the article quick and easy to read, because I know you are eager to start posting shortened links as quick as you can.

What you need to understand is the nature of this business, if you don’t know it yet take a quick look at this article: How to earn money from my links shortened with a URL Shortener? To summarize it for you, you need to provide such a valuable information, which motivates people to make some clicks and don’t bother to go through some ads in order to get it. Now, what is that information? Well, it is not news or “how to” articles for sure, this content may get you visitors for other kind of monetization. What you need to offer is a content which the visitor needs very much. Let’s go through the most used ways by the publishers!


I saw a lot of publishers which have websites for free download of ebooks. Apparently it is not so free, because they ask the visitors to go through a URL shortener. You can concentrate on the following categories: health, education, business, space, history, hunting, yoga, science and others, but those are the most wanted and searched. You can go to google trends and check what is the trending of particular search phrase. If a particular search query is trending up – start from there. The pros of this content is that there are books which are forever popular and will always have a huge demand also you can get visitors from a pretty important and high tier countries like USA, UK, Canada and Australia. Last but not least you can use a pay per download (PPD) sites where you can upload the ebooks and earn from each download you get. You can use together the URL shortener and the PPD website, so you can earn twice from the same visitor, one time for clicking on the shortened link and one time for the download of the ebook. The cons are the copyright issues and problems you may face.

FAUCET websites (faucets)

Maybe one of the most popular way to get visitors and clicks is to make a faucet website. Basically these websites offer free cryptocurrencies like bitcoin in return of watching some ads and clicking on some buttons to claim the coins. It is not a rocket science, you give people crypto every minute or hour or whatever time interval you choose. Only in these intervals the faucet visitor can clam the coins by clicking some buttons. In the process they are being redirected to a URL shortener, where the visitor is counted and brings you money. After the visitor go through the ad pages of the shortener, he ends up on the faucet website again for their final button click to get the free crypto. Hope you got the idea, if you decide to get into that niche of the online money making, you can go to google and just ask him what is a faucet website and how you can make your own. At some point I will make a simple and easy tutorial for you and will update this article with a link to the tutorial. In the meantime you can use the hundreds of tutorials which are already out there. I don’t want to post links here to avoid being connected with unwanted scammers as those faucet websites are in some cases just a pure scam. However, you may decide to make a legit and trusted faucet website, I hope you do! The pros and cons about faucets are from one hand the ready website scripts, which you can download and install like a wordpress website, you only need a hosting and a domain.  Other advantage is the popularity of faucets last 10 years. As cryptocurrencies gains mainstream attention and adoption in the commerce, so does the niche of faucets websites. Other advantage is once you establish as a legit and trusted faucet, you will earn like crazy! The cons, however, are – costs for hosting, which can go super high, because of the huge load your visitors may generate on your faucet. In order to avoid denial of service you will have to upgrade to faster servers, which will skyrocket your costs. Also the number of faucets, which already exist and fighting for same visitors is super scary. Won’t be an easy task to beat the competitors.

PC programs and CRACKS

Another profitable niche for your links will be a website for programs and cracks for them. Ever since I had internet access I know about these websites. One of them I used like 20 years ago is still online and working just fine. It’s a good idea for content, because every person who owns a computer needs a software for it, it is a matter of quick research to see what kind of software is trending nowadays. Your job is to post some quick info and a download link to the software by using a URL shortener to earn some quick money out of it. The pros are the legit way you can post your links and establish a well known website. The vast majority of PC programs are free for download and use so there is no worry for troubles! Also another advantage is you can use already established websites and forums to post your links, you don’t need to make your own website or pay for such. You can use the free online web2.0 platforms existing out there. Cons are only for the cracks and serial numbers you may choose to offer. I know they can generate ten times more than the free software, but you must be careful, because companies report such websites to the platforms you may decide to use and they may delete your posts or your whole accounts which you were building for a long time. So be careful where you post and how you post links.

APKs for android

Absolute killer idea is to make such a website and use it not only with a URL Shorter, but with PPD website. Also you can use other alternative ad networks like adsense, but you must not violate a copyright product and must have original and unique article for each APK. As you know, APKs are a piece of software for android devices. With the growth of this business basically the PC program users converted into an APK traffic. More and more people are using android devices every year, so think on that. Also advertisers pay more for mobile traffic which is an additional advantage. Of course the cons are the competitors you must fight with. The main categories for APKs are arcade games and apps.

PREMIUM accounts

A lot of smart publishers already found out that premium accounts for paid services online is in great demand nowadays, specially from young people who are not allowed to open accounts there or use some paid features. Such services are the adult websites, services like spotify, netflix, minecraft, napster, disney+ and many others. So you can post files with such accounts anywhere on the web, most used platforms are the big forums. Cons about this is the temporary interest in the links, because there are new links every day and people usually open the newest links. The reason is, because the old links 100% lead to old accounts which are locked by the paid services for violation of their terms. So people know this and look for fresh accounts which are not yet blocked or banned. If you want to use this niche, make sure to offer fresh and working accounts!


This kind of content doesn’t need much of explanation as you most probably used in the past or are using every day. Well, the problem is in the free download nature of these stuff. It brings huge load of visitors, specially the porn movies and clips, but in most cases it violates copyrights of others and you may get into troubles. The most common trouble you may get is the mass deletion of accounts and links connected to a copyrighted work. If you post links to music, movies or games for free download you will get DMCA complains from agents or right owners, google will delete from the search those web pages and in most cases will drop the ranking status of the whole website. Your website may go to the end of the search like a zombie and your time will be wasted. If you, however, decide to get into that niche, prepare to learn from your mistakes experiment a lot. Look what others do and learn from their mistakes also!

TV channels online

Popular website are those who offer free online streams of paid TV channels. Admins of such websites pay for those channels and then provide a free stream to their users. Some of them are using URL shorteners to earn some extra revenue. Also the demand for such services is increasing lately after so many people migrate to other countries, because of war or instability or just to search for better life. All these people are used to their national TV channels and they want to continue watching them from abroad. You don’t need to make a whole website and deal with all the tech part of streams and broadcasting and etc. You can just use popular forums or web2.0 platforms to post links to channels which are already existing. The cons are again the copyright violations you may do.


Last but not least is the sport niche. Remember that these sports have fans, these fans love the game, so they would love to watch again and again a big football match from the past or one played lately. The most popular sports you may use are: Soccer (football in Europe), Cricket (prepare for indian visitors), Hockey, Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball and etc. Just ask google for the most popular sports in the world to see the number of followers each sport has. However, have in mind the countries in which those sport are popular. You can earn from that niche, by providing a link to the download file of a particular sport game. Of course, the advantage is that you can use a PPD website together with an URL shortener and earn from both.

The second most important question is where can you post the links? I will prepare a separate article on that matter and will post here a link to it, so stay tuned! If the article was helpful for you, I would appreciate if you share it on the social networks with your friends. Good luck, friends I will wait for your messages at the facebook page!

What is the BEST URL shortener?

The most asked question among publishers! Well, I will be honest with you, there is no BEST one for all publishers. That’s right, as all publishers have different kind of traffic, so are the shorteners – different. It depends on your traffic, which countries is it coming from, what is the website it comes from etc.

Payout rates!

You may argue the rates is what makes a shortener THE BEST, but that’s not true! From personal experience I can tell you that a shortener may have hell of a rates and yet cheat you as f**k. You may get twice bigger CPM, but only half of your visitors are counted, so basically you will still earn the same as you work with shortener which counts 100% of your visitors and have twice lower rates. You can’t know that without testing first. I always advise my followers to test the shorteners with some traffic and see what is their earnings – NOT CPM, or counted visitors, at the end of the day the cash you earned is the most important. So don’t look at the rates too much – test for an hour and check the earned money compare to other shorteners you work with. Always check new shorteners and work with those with which you earn most. Don’t use a shortener for too long, as they start manipulating your personal CPM in their advantage little by little.

Payment schedule!

How often the admin clear the payment requests, this is what you must care about at 100%. Definitely the BEST shortener pays daily! Forget about monthly payments, in most cases those shorteners will scam you. After all, why should you use an intermediary like the URL shortener if it doesn’t take the risk of the monthly payments. Remember, each shortener work with bigger ad network companies, which work directly with the advertisers. Those ad networks pays to the shortener monthly. That is why some shorteners pay monthly too. But why should you use them, why not use directly the ad networks? Yes, because the shortener will 100% pay you faster, that’s it, that’s the standard and you should not make any compromises with that.

Counted visitors!

Use a shortener which counts at least 65% of your traffic. The average is 70%, anything above that makes the shortener one of the best in terms of counting the visitors. If you wonder why the shorteners don’t count 100% of your traffic, you should read the article “How the URL Shorteners cheat their publishers?” How to find out what is the %, use a statistic page before the shortener and after the shortener and install stat’s codes which counts the number of unique visitors.


Absolutely important for you is the impact of the shortener’s ad pages on your visitors. If there are thousands of popup ads and redirects you will lose big fat % of your traffic, which won’t be counted and will not reach the destination page you send them to. Use shorteners with user friendly ad pages, nowadays the average number of popup ads are 2x per page. There was some golden years, which shorteners use only adsense for their income and not even a single pop up ad, but that’s over now. However, avoid shorteners with redirects and too many popup ads, because you will lose huge number of visitors without being counted or reaching your destination websites.

Other things you must look after!

Last but not least, you should look after shorteners, which use SSL encryption between your visitors and their servers. Also use shorteners which have reliable and fast servers without downtimes, because you will lose money when their websites are offline due to overloading and shorteners with fast support! All the components in this article are important and together, makes an URL shortener the BEST in the business. If you can’t find a shortener with all these advantages, at least try to use such which have some of those components.

Hope this information was useful to you! Wish you all a lot of visitors and $$$!

Why LEGIT URL shorteners are turning into SCAM?

Most legit URL shorteners eventually stop paying for some reasons, this is the time they turn into a SCAM. Why is that happening, well, there are few reasons:

1. Their adsense account is closed!

If you see an URL shortener with adsense ads on their ad pages – RUN AWAY! Since February 2019 adsense started closing accounts of people who use them on a shortener. Basically that was against adsense terms long before that date, but since then they started drastically blocking accounts. After that a lot of legit URL shorteners turned into scam, because all their money were lost and they were unable to pay the withdrawals of their publishers. I personally think, that this was unfair and google had other ways to deal with the situation, but why should they? I mean, why should they pay when they can just block the account and avoid a payment? Also they made profit out of those shorteners, but they didn’t pay the cut of their users. I don’t want to accuse google for “something”, but that’s how I see what happened. So the consequences were huge and like a domino it hurt all the publishers of the URL shorteners which first lost their adsense income. The scam in this situation was not intended and wanted from the admins, but most of them had no choice. Some of them, however, managed to take the loss and continue with other ad networks like an alternative to adsense, but the cost was huge. I really respect those admins, as the didn’t scammed even a single publisher and they still continue working an paying till now. You can send me a message at the facebook page of shortenerreviews to find out which are those URL shorteners!

You can still see some shorteners using adsense on their ad pages, but you should know two things about them. Those shorteners are new and their admins are without enough experience. They don’t know what happened in the beginning of 2019 and never experienced an account block. These owners will learn that the hard way and as history told us, they will scam their publishers without paying them. It is a matter of WHEN, not IF. The other part of URL shorteners which still use adsense are those run by experienced admins. These admins know what happened or experienced that bulk block of adsense accounts. They now try to cheat adsense, by doing tricks to manipulate their algorithms and avoid connection between their adsense accounts and their shorteners, but in my opinion they are failing, at least for now. Should you use the first ones – NO, they will scam you eventually 99% and it doesn’t worth it to risk. Should you use the experienced ones – MAYBE, but have in mind that at some point they will succeed in their endeavour, it’s all about cat and mouse game. If you are interested about what they currently do to cheat, send me a message at the facebook page.

2. They don’t get payment from their advertisers!

That’s the same like adsense, but in that case the admins don’t lose their accounts, just for some reasons their payment is late. That is why they late all their publishers payments. Well, some publishers can’t wait and report the shorteners on their youtube channels or at the web forums which discuss URL shorteners. After that the shortener is pretty much f**ked, because they start losing big publishers and money. At some point this goes out of control and they stop paying as they lose their future income and don’t see reason to pay, rather than to keep what they made so far. That’s a shitty situation, but shit happens!

3. They have to pay more than they earn from their advertisers!

Most admins want to force themselves and without testing their earnings first, they rush into advertising their shortener. With that, they start receiving too much traffic then they are able to analyze. That is why they set some payment rates, which they can’t afford to pay. The right way for them is first to analyze their traffic and set their payout rates accordingly. After that they should keep an eye on their everyday data and change their rates as soon as they have new traffic data, to secure them profit and ability to pay their publishers.

4. Their money are seized or frozen by their bank or payment processor!

Of course there is always the problem with banks and payment processors, which can make you big troubles. The reasons for such problems are of a wide range and can’t be included in this article. However, I will name some: too much small transaction for paypal, dirty money, bank policy change, police report from a scammed publisher etc.

5. The admin disappears!

Admins can be dead or abandon their URL shorteners for variety of reasons. He just decides to stop the business without announcing it and disappears. After that he continues to collect the earnings from their publisher’s links, even though they are not making new ones. Basically he only collects what is left from his dead business, until there is nothing left.

6. They are making the URL Shortener only to SCAM! 

The last but not least, I’m going to mark the admins which makes shorteners only to SCAM, not making business. They usually set big payout rates just to catch inexperienced publishers. They never pay them or they pay once, after that the publisher start working harder, because he expects to receive second payment as well, but after lot of wasted time he realizes that he will never get paid. His payment is either cancelled with some reasons or postponed, and at the end he gave up. Yes, there are a lot of shorteners which are pure intended SCAM from the very beginning.

How to know which URL Shortener is a SCAM?

The best way to avoid SCAM shorteners is to know how to distinguish them, by using a few tips, which I’m going to share with you in this article. It would be also good for you to read the previous article about how the URL shorteners cheat their publishers to protect yourself even more.

Now, let’s go straight to the tips! You can use some of them or all of them in your test of a new shortener. If you use all of the tips, your chance to avoid the SCAM is increasing to 99%. Yes, 1% is always the chance every shortener to pay you, but that desn’t mean it is LEGIT, you should remember that. One shortener can pay you the first time, but not the second one and there is a reason for that.


If the URL Shortener has no social network support page, or it has, but is not answering to your messages. If you don't get reply of your emails. You can test the support by sending a message or mail first and wait a day for a reply, if you don't get one, then most certainly the owner of the shortener is a scammer. The legit owner always take care of his partners and check his mails, however this tip doesn't apply to old shorteners with thousands of publishers. You can't expect a single person to answer every day to thousands of tickets. In most cases the owner is only one and he only cares about paying on time or pay at all.


Go to facebook or google and search for the domain name of the URL shortener, if you don't find links, then nobody use the shortener. This doesn't apply to new shorteners, which are still in the beginning of the their business. You must use this check if the domain is old. About the domain check look at TIP 5!


If the URL shortener has a customized logo, that means the admin spend some time to brand his business. You can credit higher such an owner! You must consider the design of the logo, because amateur logos drawn in Paint app are not so important as a professional one.


The URL shorteners announce their payout rates for the different countries on a separate page in their website. If you go to that page and you take a quick look there you may do yourself a big favor. However, this tip must be considered together with the type of ads and ad networks you see on the ad pages of the shortener. How to know which rates are too high, well go to a shortener which is legit and trusted and check the payout rates there. If the tested shortener has twice bigger rates it is kind of OK, but anything bigger than x2 compare to the legit shorteners is a pure lie. After all, they all use pretty much the same ad networks on their ad pages, so they have same income for 1000 visitors of a specific country. The only way for a shortener to pay more is to gain publishers and this is a temporary measure, so at some point the rates will fall hard.


Easy, make a whois check of the domain name of the shortener or check the domain extension if it is a .com paid premium domain or .tk free domain. When you do a whois check you will see some basic information about the registered domain and you will always see the date of registration and of expiration. While the expiration date is not so important, as it can be updated, the date of registration is what you should look for. Usually any domain registered between 1 or 6 months ago is considered as new. Anything older than 6 months is OK for a URL shortener.


Avoid URL Shorteners with minimum amount for withdrawal over $5 for Paypal payment option. I don’t say that all shorteners with amount over $5 for Paypal are SCAM, I just advice you to avoid them as they are risky. The maximum I’ve ever see is $20, but I don’t use shorteners with more than $10 as anything bigger is unreasonable. Have in mind that these amounts are valid only for the Paypal option!


Monthly payment schedule in most cases means SCAM. Some shorteners excuse themselves with the monthly schedule they receive their earnings from the ad networks they work with. Monthly money for them = monthly money for you (their publishers), but that’s unfair and extremely risky for you. Basically it is unfair because the shortener makes money out of your traffic and they pay you a cut of their earnings. The only reason for you to use an URL shortener instead of making your own shortener and work directly with the ad networks is to minimize the risk of the monthly payments from the ad networks. That risk is and should be taken from the shortener owner not from you, that’s why you work with him. That is why he must pay you faster than monthly!


If the rules or the terms of the shortener are reserving the owner the right to not pay you, if he considers your traffic as a low quality or anything like that, that means the owner already told you the excuse for his scam. Don’t use such a shortener or test it for a day and contact the owner to examine your traffic and give you green light to continue working. Absolutely don’t work for too long with such a shortener and generate big balance, as you will most probably going to be scammed, if your traffic didn’t bring the owner revenue to cover the money he must pay you.


Shorten one link and open the short link, if you don’t see ads on the shortener’s ad pages, then the owner has no income. If there is no income, there is no way he can pay you unless he consider paying you from his pocket. Avoid shorteners without ads!

How the URL Shorteners cheat their publishers?

I decided to share some knowledge, which is really important and urgent for you, because you can start looking for evidence for cheating immediately. This article is more for the advanced publishers, because the beginners still have other questions to answer, like which shortener is the best, how to find legit one etc.

Now, on the issue… Did you noticed that some shorteners pay you less than the others, even though their rates are better? Did you noticed that some shorteners count more visitors than others, even though your daily traffic is almost the same every day? Did you noticed that some of them pay you a little less than the others or just cut 20% or 30% of what you withdrawn? Did you noticed that you lose a lot of visitors after the ad pages of the shorteners? Did you noticed a withdraw not made by you? Did you noticed that your crypto address or your email for the payment processor are not the ones you set in your payment details ? How about those who always pay you later and later and later than they should, according to their payment schedule? Did you see an error page when you go to the withdraw page to ask for payment or you don’t see the withdraw button? How about those who change their rules every day? Well, there is an explanation for that, so keep reading!

As you can see there are various ways for the shortener owners to cheat you, but you can categorize them in few general ways – cheating in the counting of your visitors, in the paying, in the rules or terms to work with them.


Most shorteners use that kind of cheat, because they can excuse with bot or fake traffic, but that is not the issue. They announce that they pay for some countries more and for all others usually they have a fixed rate. Now what happens in most cases is that they don't count some of those countries. At the end you end up with average counted 50% to 70% of the total amount of visitors you sent. Your loss of 30% to 50% is, because of the fact that the shortener doesn't count specific countries even tho they should be counted and earnings accounted. The owner, however, exclude them, because he doesn't earn enough to pay you according to the announced rate. In most cases the excluded countries should be counted with the Worldwide deal, but that doesn't happen. It is super easy to notice the cheat, but not easy to notice which country is excluded from the counter. In order to catch the country you need to test each country, which will take a lot of time and is useless.


Well, that cheat is annoying! The shortener announce some rates per 1000 visitors for some countries, but it is not true. The rates are fake, the owner say he pay you $20 per 1000 visitors or $0.02 for every single visitor from USA, but he actually pays you $10 for 1000 or $0.01 for a single visitor.

Other cheat comes when you request a payment. In some cases your payment is getting cancelled after a week of waiting and then you get a mail, or the owner makes announcement in the dashboard, that his account is blocked or limited for some reasons. He also ask you to request the money via other payment processor. Now, because most of the publishers don’t have other processor they consider this as a loss without spending too much time on it. They also don’t want to make account to other processor. Now comes the worse part, if you do spend time to make account to other processor, spend time to verify it and again make a payment request and again waste time to wait the payment to come. The payment request gets cancelled again, but the reason for that is the same or other. It is a rabbit hole!

Other way to be cheated is when you make payment request and when you get back to the withdraw page you notice that the payment is done to other Paypal account or email which is not provided by you. Yep, the owner of the website controls the database of the website and can manipulate it. In that case he puts other account which is not yours, but his and he make the transaction to that account. When you notice that and ask for explanation, the owner tells you that your account was hacked and he didn’t know that, because at his end everything looked great. Well, NO, even tho there is a chance your account to be compromised, in most cases that is a cheat from the shortener. To avoid that cheat always make a screenshot of your withdrawals and save them in save place!

Another cheat is when you get paid less than you have requested. It is OK to expect the fee of Paypal or any payment processor, including the miner fee for bitcoin transaction. However, I talk about the case where you get way less than that. When you contact the admin to ask him what happened usually he tells you that he must pay bigger fee to convert his national currency to USD or BTC, which is on you, but you didn’t knew that. Well it is sick if that is not true, but the admin use it as excuse. That really hurts! Calculate your earnings with other shorteners and if you receive more, go there, but if you get less compare to the cheating shortener after the fees plus the “hidden fees”, then you can continue working with the cheater.

And last but not least, the cheat with the late payments. Oh f**k that, that’s the worse cheat. You always get paid later and later and later, however you still trust the owner, because you are getting paid. At the end you have a payments not paid for 2 months and you ask what is happening. Well, the owner is broke, this is what is happening. He never had enough money to pay all publishers. He were paying only to those which he was able to and the rest wait his next income. Because his payment requests are increasing, but not as his income, the waiting time is getting bigger and bigger and then BOOM. My advice is, start changing the shortener, if the wait time is increasing more than usual. That is the early evidence that the shortener will run out of money.


You start working on a shortener with one rules, but they change them right after you ask for payment. Then they don't pay you, because you broke the rules. You must take a screenshot of the rules, to catch that cheat, because usually they are a lot and you can't remember them all. If you save the rules before you start working on the shortener, you will catch that cheat and avoid further problems with that owner. Usually if he cheat you once he will do it again.

Final words!

Basically these are the most common cheats, but there are others, not included in this article. I will try to maintain the article updated, as soon as I notice or remember some other cheats. Try to protect yourself from those cheats, that is why I wrote this article. I also fully understand that some admins will use those cheats more after reading the article, however I prefer to explain them and share the knowledge. I think that if you are a serious and professional publishers you should spend some time on articles like this to stay protected. Read and stay save, good luck!