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[Sticky] The IDEA of this forum and basic rules!  

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The idea of this forum is to provide useful and fresh information about URL Shorteners, so publishers can keep earning good, without losing from scammers and cheaters. Based on my 4 years of experience in this niche, I think the forum sections and the way we will make posts is the best way to have that information visible. There is no LEGIT status for the shorteners, because it is useless for several reasons: 1st this business is very dynamic, 2nd one shortener may pay today, tomorrow may cheat, and then pay again, then stop paying to some of the publishers and pay only to some of them which they decide. So what kind of shortener is that, LEGIT or SCAM ? Or other example is a shortener is paying, but is shaving with the number of counted visitors or crash the captcha on purpose just to milk your traffic, so is that shortner LEGIT or SCAM ? NO, there is no universal formula for legit shortener and that is why I think a shortener can have 5 basic reports from it's publishers. Those 5 reports combined, make the full status of the URL shortener. Publishers can check the full status of the shortener by using their TAG link. The TAG link is what connects all the posted reports about a specific shortener. That way when you click on the TAG link you will see a list of all reports. In my opinion and because this business is super dynamic, that particular way of data/information structure will be in most help of all publishers. For example if a publisher clicks on the TAG of a shortener and see that there are only reports for payment proofs and not even a single cheating report, that means that we can assume the shortener is good and can be used with big percentage of trust. On the other hand if a publisher clicks on the TAG of a shortener which has payment proof reports, but also a cheating reports, then you should trust that shortener less  and use it only if you don't have any other option. Other way to read the reports information, can be by the number of reports. For example one shortener may have one payment proof report and two or more cheating reports, where other shortener may have only one payment proof and only one cheating report, in that case the publisher can use the shortener with less cheating reports. That is why I've decided to separate the URL Shortener's forum in 5 sub forums (categories) which are as follows:



This sub forum/section will list all URL Shorteners out there, including scam ones. I call this section an index section where publishers can review the shortener with basic information which doesn't change a lot. Like domain information, how old it is, how many link there are in google search. Because if a shortener has thousands of links in google search, then we can assume it is widely used by a lot of publishers. OR if the shortener doesn't has links in google, that means it is a ghost website and the risk of scam is big. Other info in the review can be the minimum and maximum rates. Even tho the rates may change, this initial info is important for publishers to take further look in the shortener and probably test it. For more info you can go in that section and just check one of my posts there and when you add a shortener make it in the same way. One important rule is that only ONE review topic for a shortener is allowed. Do not post a separate topic for a shortener which already has a review! If you want to add information which you can't post in the other sub forums then you can reply to the original poster of the review and all publisher will read your addition info.



This sub forum/section is for all kind of NEWS about URL shorteners like: changes of the payout rates, terms and rules, payment schedule or options and all kind of dashboard announcements by the admins. If you notice any kind of update related to the service of a shortener you can make a new post.



In this section post only your proofs of payments. For every payment proof you can make new topic, but you must include the date when you actually received that payment NOT the date you made the withdraw in the shortener! By posting every proof with new topic, it will be way more useful. In every post, please include:

  1. Screen of your withdraw page in the shortener where we can see the payment as COMPLETED and the date you made that withdrawal,
  2. Screen of the payment transaction (Paypal, bitcoin etc.)
  3. Your referral link from the shortener, so you can win money from the publishers who want to register from it and support you to continue posting proofs in the forum.

In the weekend, when I have more time, will make a YouTube video about your proof and include only your ref link in the video description. You will win referrals and earn extra commission from them!



This section is NEW and you won't see it anywhere, the idea is to post all cheating reports. Example for cheating from the URL shorteners are: don't count all our visitors compare to other url shorteners, fake rates, paying less amount for example you withdraw $5 they pay $4 without announcing any fees, intentional crash of they captcha just to make your visitors reload their ad pages again and again.... while they make money out of them, without counting them, so you can make money too. And many other cheating ways.


Post here all shorteners who stopped paying partially or totally. If you don't get paid in the paying period of the shortener - post in this section. When you make the post, please include information about the paying period for example 4 days after withdraw, daily, monthly, exact date etc. and a screenshot of your withdraw page with yout pending payment to proof the SCAM.



One URL Shortener can have posts in each section, but that information you should always compare with other shorteners. Only that way you can make objective decision and always use the safest one, so pay attention!


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