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shorten4me-com URL shortener is targeting low CPM and super light ads niche. I noticed the shortener is without pop up ads. I don't know how the admin will make the profit from the shitty ad networks he uses, but I guess he is looking for traffic. I would not use this shortener at this point, maybe in the future I may try, but I don't trust it too much right now. However, there is a chat with the admin feature, which is a good thing.

Some DOMAIN info:
Domain is registered on 2019-01-24 (expires in 2 months)
Payment options:
Withdrawal Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal $5.00
Web Money $5.00
Payment schedule:
In 4 days.


Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $2.5 (TESTED, the announced rate is fake)

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