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shorte-st REVIEW  

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shorte-st URL shortener is one of the oldest shorteners out there. Some people thinks it is a url shortener without captcha, but that is not true, they have recaptcha ! So their ad pages are easy, but that is why their rates are awful. Even tho it is one of the biggest shorteners and most famous, it is never late to sh!t the bed, or in this case to SCAM. Many many people reported that shorte-st is a SCAM shortener and they didn't get their payments since April 2020. At their home page you will see the following notice:

Because of technical difficulties PayPal payouts will be even more delayed. Currently estimated date of payout is 10th of Aug 2020.
Sorry for the delay! Please consider using other payout methods to withdraw your money much faster - shop is also available.
We will keep you informed about any further changes.

But users were not paid at 10th of August nor to their Paypal, nor to their WebMoney account. DO NOT USE THIS Shortener it is SCAM shortener since April 2020.

Some DOMAIN info:

Domain is registered on 2013-04-18

Payment options:

To get paid you need to:

  • Have at least $5 earned for PayPal and Webmoney Only if your earnings have reached a total of $5.00 or more for the previous month(s)
  • Have at least $20 earned for Payoneer - only to the cards issued by them.


Payment schedule:

10th day of every month
Note: There might be delays if you use WebMoney (up to 10 days) SCAM, SCAM, SCAM !!!


RATES are super low the CPM never got above $0.9 for me ! The rates on their payout rates page are FAKE !

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Again, the rates on the rates page are the highest possible rates you can get. Some sneaky rats like adfly! Also, they don't scam since April, they scam since August, because before they paid WebMoney payments fully and you could contact them to change your requests to WebMoney, but now it's just dead.