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short-toptap-website REVIEW  

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Another URL shortener which can be used with faucets, the CPM is fixed to 1.2 USD per 1000 and the ad pages are 3. I didn't saw many pop up ads which makes this one lot more user friendly than other url shorteners. short-toptap-website website counts your visit instantly by showing it in the dashboard statistics real time, without 15 minutes updates like other shorteners. Well, happy earnings !

Some DOMAIN info:
Domain is registered on 2019-09-14, but that is for the parent domain, so the subdomain may be younger.
Payment options:
Withdraw Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount (BTC) 3% fee $0.100000
Payment schedule:

4 days max !

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries)$1.2  (TESTED, 0.0012 per visitor)