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scash-xyz is a URL shortener from Singapore. Same owner of bitcoin-link-xyz REVIEW Again this shortener is faucet friendly and you ca use it on your faucet website. I've tested the ad pages and it is full with redirects and popups. Basically I was unable to pass the short link in 7 tries. The reason is the pop up ads, the redirect ads and some doubleclick error I see. So I was unable to test the world wide deal if it is true or false. But have in mind that the rates on the other shortener of the same admin are FAKE. The rates of this shortener are in Singapore dollars. Right now the exchange rate is 1 SD equals to 0.74 USD.
Some DOMAIN info:
Domain is registered on 2020-07-03
Payment options:
Withdraw Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal S$10.00
Bitcoin S$10.00
Bank Transfer (Only Singapore) S$10.00 Bitcoin S$1.00
Expresscrypto Bitcoin S$1.00
Payment schedule:

Payment every 1st and 15th of every month (for Daily payment, contact the admin )

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): 3 Singapore Dollars - equals to $2.22 (NOT TESTED)

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