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pnd-tl REVIEW  

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pnd-tl is a Turkish url shortener and the rates are in TL not USD. I tested the shortener and I saw really professionally designed url shortener with enough ads to maintain profit. In my opinion, with the work they spend in design and advertising arrangement, I can only conclude they will pay. The owners created it to do real business. Also the rates are absolutely normal for the type of advertisements they use to monetize the traffic. If I were you, I would test it 100%.
At the time of writing this review: 1 TL = 0.13 USD
Some DOMAIN info:
Domain is registered on 2017-01-09 by Key-Systems GmbH, Istanbul, Turkey.
Payment options:
Withdraw Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
Banka Transferi 15.000₺
İninal 15.000₺
Bitcoin 150.000₺
Papara 30.000₺
Dogecoin 30.000₺
Payment schedule:

7 days.

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $1.00 (tested, the rates on their payout rates page 25 TL/1000 are FAKE!)

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Yes. The rates are 10 TL per 1000. I see that on referral banners, this CPM is also described. I think the rates page is to attract more users.