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pingit REVIEW  

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pingit URL shortener is another Spanish shortener, owned by the admin of adshort and adbull

Same reviews as for adshort REVIEW (CHECK IT HERE) No difference, only the design and the domain. It is perfect publishers who look for shorteners which counts 2+ views from unique IP in 24 hour. You can just use the 3 shorteners together and you will have a shortener which counts 3X IP in 24 hours.

Payment options:

PayPal $5,00
Bitcoin $5,00
Payeer $5,00
Bank Transfer $5,00
Payoneer $50,00
Transferwise $100,00

Payment schedule:

Payments are being processed twice a month, in the following scheme: all withdrawals made between 16-30 of this month will be paid on 20th of the next month. All payments made between 1-15 of this month will be paid on 5th of next month. So what you can do is to order twice a month on 15 and 30 to get paid after 20 days of waiting. Also order all in one withdrawal to avoid losing money in fees, because publishers are charged with the fee of the transaction from the payment processor. I make two withdrawals a month on the above two dates and my fees are at a minimum.

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $1.50


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