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linkjust-com REVIEW  

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linkjust-com URL shortener is owned by same owner of fox-url-com so the review is the same. Just click on the link to see what I've written about fox-url same applies for linkjust-com. Same monetization method, same advertisements same reasons I don't work with that shortener at this point, nor I will. Just take a quick look. See my withdraw page - payment proof for my withdrawals back in the days I was using it:

Screenshot from 2020 10 17 16 38 45

From their announcements list:

The site now works 100/100

Statistics are updated every 10 minutes
($ 5) a special gift: for those who review our YouTube site and get 3000 views from today's date
Payment is made in less than 24 hours, and the minimum withdrawal is only $ 1 for most withdrawal methods

Warning: prices will be raised again and higher after the end of the Corona crisis, and we apologize for that

A new competition will be announced this week with big prize money

Site laws
We do not deal with the owners of Bitcoin faucet sites nor do we support traffic from them
It is strictly forbidden to modify our site links
It is forbidden to use any methods of cheating
You can shorten any links to our competing shortcut sites
It is forbidden to shorten our website links in any competing website
The exchange of visits is prohibited
Please adhere to the site laws so that your account is not suspended

Some DOMAIN info:

Domain is registered on 2018-02-28

Payment options:

Withdrawal Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal $1.00
Payza $20.00
Skrill $20.00
Web Money $15.00
Perfect Money $5.00
Payeer $0.50
Bank Transfer $1,000.00
Vodafone Cash $1.00
Egyptian Postal $50.00
Etisalat Floos $1.00
Western Union $100.00
Money Wallet $15.00
Neteller $30.00
Orange Money $1.00
Bitcoin $10.00
Dogecoin $5.00
Vodafone Balance $3.00
Etisalat Balance $3.00
Orange Balance $3.00
Algérie Poste $10.00
Payoneer $50.00
Google Play gift card 10$ $10.00
Google Play gift card 25$ $25.00
Google Play gift card 50$ $50.00
Google Play gift card 100$ $100.00
Algérie CCP $10.00
Algérie BaridiMob $10.00
Algérie Mobils $3.00
Algérie ooredoo $3.00
Algérie djezzy $3.00


Payment schedule:

In 24 hours.

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $2.00 (after I tested the rate seems to be $5)

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