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LinkaTii-win REVIEW  

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EDIT 24 hours later: LinkaTii-win is SCAM, SCAM, SCAM they returned the payment to may account and then blocked it !
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LinkaTii-win URL shortener is operational and active. It is a URL shortener with adsense. For that reason you should 100% obey to their site rules, because they are strict and comes from google adsense. if you send them sh!t traffic their adsense will be blocked and nor you nor anybody else will get their payment. Since start of 2019 adsnese is banning accounts who use shorteners, so most likely LinkaTii-win  adsense account is doomed also. If you use url shorteners with adsense follow the simple rule/principal - Send visitors only if they pay. Have in mind that a shortener will not pay if adsense bann them, the main scammer is adsense not the shortener. BUT until adsense ban them you can work and get your payments. At the end of the day the bigger loser is the shortener owner who has the stupidity to use adsense for monetization. You only lose your last withdrawal, so try to keep the amounts small. 🙂 Heare are the rules of this url shortener:
Site laws

(No regions of Bitcoin, Tap, or manga publishing sites)

Forbidden exchange sites must be of all kinds

It is forbidden to shorten a link on another site, but you can do the opposite

It is not allowed in groups, WhatsApp, etc.

Each person has the right to own only one account within the site

It is forbidden to use a VPN or any program to manipulate the country and source of the visit

Do not use sites that hide the source must be

Banning member with earnings


You can contact us on our Facebook page (here)

Some DOMAIN info:
Domain is registered on 2018-06-08
Payment options:
Withdraw Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
Algérie Poste ( CCP ) ( 1$ = 170 Da ) $6.000000
Vodafone cash ( 1 $ = 15.5 EGP ) $15.000000
Flexy Dz ( Ooredoo - Djezzy - Mobilis ) ( 1$ = 170 Da ) $1.000000
PayPal $5.000000
PaySera $1.000000
Payeer $0.100000
Webmoney $5.000000
Carte Internet IDOOM 500 DA $3.100000
Carte Internet IDOOM 1000 DA $6.100000
Carte Internet 4G LTE 500 DA $3.100000
Carte Internet 4G LTE 1000 DA $6.100000
Carte Google Play 5$ $6.000000
Carte Google Play 10$ $11.500000
PUBG - S15 Royale Pass Pack $10.500000
PUBG - 600 uc + 60 uc Extra $10.500000
PUBG - 3500 uc + 700 uc $49.000000
Payment schedule:

4 days.

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $1.50 (tested and true rate)

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I think the owner is dz4link, typeearn

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yes I'm like 95% sure