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GPlinks REVIEW  

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GPlinks is Indian URL shortener with a lot of publishers, but went in the drain just as the rest big shorteners with high rates. The admin is having real problems with payments so he reduced the rates ridiculously low. Some publishers report lack of referral payments. Others just report lack of payment of the big withdrawals. I tend to trust all of them. The admin is tricky and scammy, so don't trust it. However, if you want to risk, do it and see the results. You won't risk much if you can make minimum amount for withdrawal for 2 days. The admin promises payments in 24-48 hours after the withdrawal. The ad pages are nightmare, tone of fake buttons and shitty ads. The admin use the tactic of fake buttons and hidden real ones, so the visitors to get lost on their ad pages without a way to reach the destination page. This tactic is scammy and only a cheater can do it. I don't trust such admins.

Some DOMAIN info:

Registered On: 2018-12-04
State: Maharashtra
Country: India

Payment options:

PayPal, Bitcoin, Wire Transfer (International), Skrill, Neteller, PAYEER, Google Play Gift card, Amazon Gift Card - FOR ALL $5 minimum to be able to withdraw.

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $1.20

The rates are changing a lot, so expect volatile CPM!


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CPM is wrong, it is $1.2 worldwide, with 3 pages, and 1 count per all users, 3 pages but cpm just does not compare. I would use even cutearn over this. So many fake buttons and adsense which they will soon be banned on again.