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This is the owner of ez4linkss and dz4link url shorteners. He uses usernames like speed-up or speedup on the internet and forums. He also has account at bitcointalk forum. He also has PPD website and faucet website, all used to have speedup in their names. The admin is absolute scammer. He may pay 10% of his publishers only to get new ones which will scam. Remember scammers usually pay to some of their publishers. Also they scam those 10% on the second withdrawal which is usually bigger then the first one. πŸ™‚ The latest SCAM of this admin was that he pretended to lost all database of glory-link and ez4linkss, of course to avoid payments. Now they are rebranded as dz4link. Avoid it also, it is the same SCAM, glory-link domain redirects to dz4linkss.

Some DOMAIN info:

Domain is registered on 2018-08-25

Payment options:

Withdraw Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal $5.000000
Skrill $10.000000
Bitcoin $5.000000
CCP For Algeria $6.000000
Flexy For Algeria $1.000000
Payoneer USD C2C $50.000000
MoMo For Vietnam $5.000000
Bank Transfer for Vietnam $10.000000
Palawan express for Philippines $5.000000

Payment schedule:

I don't think he pays, so don't want to lie and post any info here.

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $2.00

The above rates are the only rate on the payout rates page. So no other rates available for some countries.

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Scammed someone I know. He is saying he will donate all the money he stole to charity.