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fox-url-com REVIEW  

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fox-url-com is owned by same owner of linkjust-com The owner is from Egypt and is very experienced. I know him like a honest man and have his facebook contact. However, when adsense banned his accounts in the past, he scammed many people by not paying them, cosing their accounts etc. etc. I guess he took a really big loss, because of the cheaters on his site and he got a bit paranoid. At this point of time I think it is all history and he managed to stay in the business. I was never scammed from him and always got my payments, when I noticed the adsense problem I stopped working with fox-url-com and linkjust-com, because I kinda foresaw the problems he will get and decided to protect myself and him from further losses. Right now I don't think to work with him for the way he decided to profit - again adsense. With fake blogs and really bad trick with 4 ad pages, 6 clicks on 6 buttons and 4 pops, sometimes there are 6 pop up ads total. This is not good for my trafffic and I lose a lot more than he profits. I wish him luck and more publishers. if you test these shorteners and they give you god results, just contact the owner to ask him if he accepts your kind of traffic. If he is ok then you have a trusted partner for sure! See a payment proof - my withdraw page from fox-url-com, back from when I was using that shortener.

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From their announcements:

new rules and updates ( 9/6/2020 )

Statistics updated every 10 minutes

- our business                   - our New FB page :

5$ gift for anyone who does a review of the site and reach 2000 views started from today


Payments take Less Than 24 H To Be Paid

Notice : CPM Will Up Agian After Corona crisis and apologize for that

Not Accepted:
1- sites earn money like faucet bitcoin or you earn
2- vpn or bot or any scam
3- You can shorten competitors shortcut links on our site
3- not short our links  on another shortener website like
4- In case the visit is direct we must come from the source of visits and if not appropriate with the rules of our site will be closed account to keep our site safe

5- traffic exchange is NOT allowed
Follow the rules or your account will be closed


Some DOMAIN info:

Domain is registered on 2018-10-03

Payment options:

Withdrawal Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal $1.00
Payza $20.00
Skrill $20.00
Web Money $15.00
Perfect Money $5.00
Payeer $1.00
Bank Transfer $1,000.00
Vodafone Cash $1.00
Egyptian Postal $50.00
Etisalat Floos $1.00
Western Union $100.00
Money Wallet $15.00
Neteller $30.00
Orange Money $1.00
Bitcoin $10.00
Dogecoin $5.00
Vodafone Balance $3.00
Etisalat Balance $3.00
Orange Balance $3.00
Algérie Poste $10.00


Payment schedule:

In 24 hours after request.

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $2.00 (the announced rate for my country is $3 and I just tested the shortener and the actual rate was $5, so I guess the rates on their payout rates page are outdated. Test first!)

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