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boomx5 REVIEW  

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boomx5 is an Egyptian URL shortener. In my opinion the admin is a proven scammer, and there is a proof connecting boomx5 with win2url, which @DevNagy can provide here as a SCAM report. The connection has been made by investigating the ad code on the ad pages of the two shorteners. They both share same adsense unique ad code, with same publisher ID number. That means they are directly connected. Even tho boomx5 URL shortener is currently paying, you should be really cautious to use the shortener. As it comes to the server there are issues, very often downtimes with 505 errors, API doesn't work. The admin just use cheap hosting to milk the publishers. The ad pages are really heavy and tricky, fake download buttons, popup ads, a lot of banners.. have in mind that this is changing daily, so the ad pages may be different at the time you read this review. I do not recommend you to use this shortener if you look for stable partner which you want to work with and leave it for days without checking it. With this one today you may have good stats, tomorrow your views may be shaved to hell, or even go to 0 if the API crashes or the site server is offline for overload.

Now, most important part which I proud with is the connection between boomx5 and tones of other SCAM URL Shorteners from the resent past. All those website are reported for SCAM exit, so expect the same with boomx5. Here is the list of all SCAMs by the famous Egyptian brother admins - Mr. Eslam Rizk and Mr. Walid Rizk They operate together. To prove my words I have personal chat with them. Absolute shortener mobsters, the scheme is bigger and most of you are just his usual victims, while they are successfully accomplishing their scam plans. I have a theory about all those scams and they use publishers traffic to boost alexa rank and make some backlinks quick. After that they sell the domains on the domain market. So one time they earn from the ad networks from your traffic, they pay at first, then they stop, then they collect free money with a scam exit, then they continue milking the links left on the publishers websites and when there is no more revenue from the ad networks, they sell the domain. The buyer dosn't even know what he is buying, he is just interested in alexa rank and backlinks in google. However, that's only a theory, which has been proven when I had some messages with a person, who really convinced me he bough the domain, which is 100% registered by Rizk brother. Now the list of SCAM URL shorteners by Eslam Rizk and Walid Rizk:

short2win, go3link, best3link, best5link,,, cut7link, best3link, go3link, vip7link, vip7link, skipurl, skipurls, easy2s, Link4win, ua2win, fast2link, vip8link, click2url, easy2short, link4money, UNIshort, wolfs4link, 2vak,


Some DOMAIN info:

Organization: eid
State: Bad Doberan
Country: EG


Payment options:

Accounts will be BANNED for the following, Downloads from suspicious sources( websites) or without any source, as well as Download IP's are proxy/vpn or making huge number of downloads from high tier deliberately. We may ask for your traffic source. if you fail to submit valid source, we have rights to ban your account without pay. Traffic generated using automated hits or manipulated traffic is not allowed. If we notice any fraudulent activity we have the rights to ban the account. Child Pornography or any copyright material or any adult content or any violent content is Strictly prohibited and will result in termination of your account without pay. We have the right to change Rewards Service at anytime with or without notifications.

Payoneer minimum mithdraw : 50$
Western Union minimum mithdraw: 150$
Paypal minimum mithdraw: 10$
Bitcoin minimum mithdraw: 10$
Payeer minimum mithdraw: 5$
vodafone cash minimum mithdraw: 5$


Payment schedule:


Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $4.00


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two issues here, 1. it is not connected with unishort, that's from india, 2. it is NOT connected to win2url they use this ad network which is an adsense partner:, that's why they share the adsense id however boomx5 is instead owned by and, because they use same short link domains and same hosting. Proof of same hosting:

This is their error page, when their sh1t hosting crashes:



Here is proof of same adsense overloaded ad pages: