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ally URL shortener is very old one. My personal opinion is that the shortener can't be trusted. Also it has such low rates and such a big shaving in the counted views, that it is worthless to begin working on it. However test yourself, before taking my words for granted. With few words, the shortener pays pennies for shaving people. I don't know who is able to get a payment from there and what does that costs him, but I'm sure that this publisher will have way better stats with any other shortener out there and also better earnings. My recommendation is - do not use ally!

Some DOMAIN info:

Take that stats while it is available:

Registered on 2014-11-13

Registered by: Abna Libya/Murad Naser Elhush, Gergaresh
State: Tripoli
Country: Libya
Contacts: Phone: 218923170770,

Payment options:

Paypal $1 minimum to be able to withdraw. Payoneer $50 minimum to be able to withdraw

Payment schedule:

Earnings will be paid before midnight on the next day. Payment frequency: Every day (including weekends and holidays). Funds availability: Instant. Fees: Transaction fees paid by publisher

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $1.30, but there are a lot of countries with lower rates, so check the payout rates page!


check all reports here (payment proofs, cheating reports, news reports, scam reports)

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Worldwide not $1.3, this is a good cpm for all, my average is $1.1, the owner just makes payments when he feels like it, and the challenges, he reviews them and then never pays you so he just gets free 5 star reviews on his app on Google Play.