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adshort REVIEW  

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adshort is a nice Spanish URL shortener. I like it for few reasons, first their ad pages are very nice and user friendly and the traffic flow reached the destination page without much troubles. Second, the shortener counter is very stable and I see good counting, actually too good sometimes. I always got my payments. The admin has two other shorteners adbull and pingit. The ads are the same on all of them, but the payment schedule is not. The admin also owns a POP ad network adshort media. The admin makes nice announcement about payments or other news for the shorteners. He never lies and if he says it is a payday, then you will get your payment until the end of the day. The only con here is the payment schedule, which you will see below. Also the admin lately added 5 more days of waiting between payments, which is getting annoying. Overall, if you can afford to risk 20 days of income, because that is how much you must wait till payment, then you can work with it. I work with it and got few payments so far, just as the announced schedule, which is available on their withdraw page.

Some DOMAIN info:

Domain is registered on 2016-08-24.

Payment options:

Payment option: Minimum Withdrawal Amount
PayPal 5,00$
Bitcoin 5,00$
Payeer 5,00$
Bank Transfer 100,00$
Payoneer 50,00$
Transferwise 100,00$

Payment schedule:

Payments are being processed twice a month, in the following scheme: all withdrawals made between 16-30 of this month will be paid on 20th of the next month. All payments made between 1-15 of this month will be paid on 5th of next month. So what you can do is to order twice a month on 15 and 30 to get paid after 20 days of waiting. Also order all in one withdrawal to avoid losing money in fees, because publishers are charged with the fee of the transaction from the payment processor. I make two withdrawals a month on the above two dates and my fees are at a minimum.

Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $1.55


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it looks nice, other than the fact the only ads they use, including popups, are from