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uiz PAYMENT PROOFS from March 2020  

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uiz URL Shortener evolved really nice. The admin is a professional developer and he customized the script by adding many tools in help of the publishers. All of his work is amazing and proof his transparency in doing business. To be honest I've consulted the admin and still giving advises based on my experience, so he can make a good shortener and yet avoid the usual cheaters out there. He asked me for help and I'm still giving it. Have in mind that I do this for FREE, I've never been paid for any of my advices, so I'm not shilling it or endorse it. I just saw an admin with potential, because of his developer skills and decided to help him make a good shortener which can compete with the rest in the niche. I don't want to go deep in details about what has changed after my advises, because there are changes which are related not only with the publishers stand point, but also from a security point. Nowadays the URL shorteners are an object of cheaters and many such attempts to generate fake traffic only to milk the shortener, without giving fair profit to the admins. Even tho I'm a publishers and I also want the highest rates and CPM I also realize that there must be a fair balance between the publishers earnings and the URL shorteners cut. If there is no fair balance and the shortener works in loss, then we aren't doing it right and eventually the shortener will close. So realizing all this and in close contact with the UIZ url shortener admin, we've made some changes in favor of both sides in this business.

Now, to remind the publishers UIZ had many issues in the past which reflected in super bad publisher experience and negative feedback from them, INCLUDING me. If you research the BMF support thread of uiz, you will see my posts which were the worst a publisher can post, I mean the posts were very harsh about the uiz service. And there also you can see how my opinion has changed when I asked the admin to make transparent counter where we can see which traffic exactly is not counted and why. So he made a great daily stats page including Good traffic also VPN, proxy, Not unique, adblock and invalid traffic so we can see what is counted and what is not. That was when I say that this guy really care about his business and is working hard to do it great. After that he changed his filter and now your traffic won't be blocked on the ad pages. Your visitors will reach the destination page easily and more than may other url shorteners, which just blocks your visitors on their shitty ad pages. The counter is fair and doesn't shave like the rest. You can see detailed stats for your daily traffic, not only like a kind of traffic, but also divided by countries so you can see you are not cheated with the rates like almost all other shorteners do. Not even mention the 2FA, the security features and automatic payments. Just forget about your past experience with UIZ and try it again.

As long as you see the RECOMMENDED green title of this post, this means I stay behind the service and suggest it to publishers to use it. If there is any change of the status I will notify here and will remove or change the title with reason for the update.

And last but not least I will attach the payment proofs from March and will ask you all to register from my ref link to support me and say thanks for the proofs. This is the only way I will get a reward for my review and the help I'm giving to the admin to keep uiz one of the best shorteners out there. I put my money where my mouth is and will use this URL shortener to proof my words! This is the first and only url shortener which gets this RECOMMENDED title, will see for future if other admin will show good will to work for the balance between publishers and shorteners and if there is, then good for all of us! Post here if you have any problem with the shortener and I will message the admin about it immediately!

UIZ is not for every publisher, because for a lot of the countries the rates are ridiculous, but it is what it is and there is a logic in that decision!

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