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shrtfly-com PAYMENT PROOF from November 7, 2020  

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My first payment from Shrtfly URL Shortener dI I've had to wait 4 days to get the money in my Paypal. To be honest I kinda regret I didn't waited to withdraw 10 USD in BTC, but next time I will, so I can see how fast they process the btc withdrawals. I know this shortener for long time, and tested it year ago, but never used it till now, because after my test I was really disappointed. Now it looks super and the counter is really nice, all my visitors are counted, not like when I tested it for first time. Maybe it was on shaving mode back then. Well, if rates and counter continue that way I will post more proofs very soon. Now check out my first payment proof (Paypal transaction), my withdraw page and my number of views from November:

Screenshot from 2020 11 13 11 59 50
Screenshot from 2020 11 13 11 58 11
Screenshot from 2020 11 13 11 59 36
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