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shorten-sh PAYMENT PROOF from September 16, 2020  

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Hi friends, another payment received from the admin of katfile. I made the withdraw request 13 of September and got paid in 3 days - 16 of September 2020. Very fast payment compare to other shorteners. However I can't understand why the admin doesn't pay so fast at his file upload website. The wait time there is 30 days....

For the noobs who read this, to make money with shorten-sh url shortener, you need to have a website and get clicks from you visitors on the links of the shorteners, then when a visitor bypass the ad pages of the shortener, you get paid like part of a cent. After you accumulate the minimum balance for withdrawal you will be able to click on the withdraw button to ask for a payment. Before that it is impossible to get a payment.

See my statistics from shorten-sh below, together with my withdraw page and the bitcoin transaction details:

Screenshot from 2020 09 17 18 37 05
Screenshot from 2020 09 16 23 42 09
Screenshot from 2020 09 16 23 42 49
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