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shorten-sh PAYMENT PROOF from 13 September, 2020  

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I've just received my last payment from shorten-sh url shortener, just 4 days after I clicked the withdraw button. You can see my statistics , my withdraw history page and my bitcoin transaction details, below. Best way to bypass this link shortener short links is by manually solving the captcha. In order to get your visit counted it must come from a unique IP and browser with javascript enabled. The shortener uses cookies to detect your browser, so don't be a lame cheater who try to self click for some cents, you won't get rich. The only way to start own business online which will bring you a passive income for years is by following my advises and tips on here:

Learn about URL shorteners and how to make money with them!

Screenshot from 2020 09 13 17 12 57
Screenshot from 2020 09 13 17 06 46
Screenshot from 2020 09 13 17 08 36
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nice bro,

you are my inspiration to do hardwork😎