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fc-lc PAYMENT PROOF for 5 of September, 2020  

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fc-lc url shortener is one of the best link shorteners out there. I got so many payments during the years of existence of this url shortener, that I can't remember, but what I do remember is that every time the admin pays super fast, sometimes in hours. Fc-lc ad pages are easily bypassed and currently doesn't have many ads. It will be easy for your visitors to bypass the shorted links. fc.lc como funciona you can read here: How to earn money from my links shortened with a URL Shortener? You can ganar dinero with fc-ls easily, just get many clicks from google and send them to the short links. Do not use fake traffic or cheating tools, do not use self clicks, don't use VPN to earn money with fc-lc. The best way to get clicks, best way to earn online is by reading the few tutorials, tips and tricks which I wrote here: Learn about URL shorteners and how to make money with them!

Below are my payment proof for the payment I received from fc-lc url shortener for September 5, 2020, together with my statistics for August and part of my withdraw history page:

Screenshot from 2020 09 13 18 31 18
Screenshot from 2020 09 13 18 30 20
Screenshot from 2020 09 13 18 29 31
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