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cpmlink-net PAYMENT PROOF from September 17, 2020  

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I just received my payment from cpmlink-net url shortener. I requested the payment at 15 September 2020, and was paid in two days - 17th of September 2020. This shortener doesn't pay so high compare to other shorteners, but it is stable and never had issues compare to server, ads or counter. None of this are being manipulated by the admin and never saw any kind of cheating behavior.

You can see my cpmlink-net review by clicking on the link with reports down below. cpmlink bypass is available and can be done by clicking on the short link and then complete the recaptcha, after that you have to wait few seconds and your click is paid. you can also use adblock, I don't see a problem to bypass the ad pages with adblock addon, but I'm not sure the click is paid.

Check down below by withdraw page, my stats page and the bitcoin transaction details:

Screenshot from 2020 09 17 18 56 32
Screenshot from 2020 09 17 18 56 59
Screenshot from 2020 09 17 18 56 24
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