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adbull-me PAYMENT PROOF from September 5, 2020  

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Another payment received from this Spanish link shortener adbull-me (acortador de enlaces). I was working with all shorteners of this admin, but lately decided to switch to other. The reasons is the low CPM and the late payments. Even tho I was paid every time, I want to increase my profit and also share more payment proofs with you guys. With the shorteners of this admin I can share 3 payment proofs a month, which is super low and we lose other legit and high paying shorteners that way. So from now I will try to test new ones and provide more content. I would really appreciate some help in here from those of you who also use url shorteners and get payments. Help be show all paying shorteners, and help new people use only them and not getting scammed.

The adbull-me bypass hack is a mirage and you just make views to the fake content creators. There is no such tools, trust me. If there was a clicking bot or self click software to increase views and earn more in a fake way, I would be a millionaire. As you can see this (acortador de enlaces) is legit and trusted. This is not the best link shortener for 2020 nor for September. There is no universal BEST shortener. It all depends on your traffic and how your visitors are dealing with the shortened links. If your visitors doesn't really want the content you short the link for and the url shortener is using lot of ads, then most probably you won't be able to earn much. You can read about which is the best url shortener in the articles I made for you, just visit this page:

Learn about URL shorteners and how to make money with them!

Now check my statistics for August, my withdraw history page from adbull-me and my bitcoin transaction details below:

Screenshot from 2020 09 13 17 44 11
Screenshot from 2020 09 13 17 43 39
Screenshot from 2020 09 13 17 42 17


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