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acortaz-net PAYMENT PROOF from December 13, 2020  

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The admin of those shorteners acortaz-net and zshorte-net is paying and try to do honest business. I have no doubts that based on the CPM and advertisement types, this owner is in profit and can stay longer. However the payout rates are FAKE, so don't trust the payout rates page. Apparently most shorteners lie with the officially announced rates. Only trust your daily income, - NOT he CPM and NOT the counted number of views. Compare your income per day with other shorteners and this is what you should go after. Forget about the faked and manipulated stats, because at the end of the day the only important think for you is how much you earned! Check below my withdraw page, payment proof from the transaction detail and some of my daily statistics for November.

Screenshot from 2020 11 13 09 29 35
Screenshot from 2020 11 13 09 28 22
Screenshot from 2020 11 13 09 29 59