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shorten-sh NEWS they didn't liked my wirhdraw, so they started stealing my traffic!  

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Hi guys, I have a statistic pages before and after each url shortener I use and that way I monitor the behavior of the admins who owns the shorteners. In this particular case I noticed that after my withdraw request, my traffic after shorten-sh dropped with 30%. Which means the admin noticed my withdrawal, then he checked my account and then he decided he want to profit more from it. Well guess what MR. katfile admin, I won't give you that chance. Instead I am reporting you here, so people know what you do. I will wait for you to calm down on my account and when I see my stats good again, I will send you visitors again. You get what you want and pay what you promise! Even tho this was a bad taste for me I want to say the admin is trusted and always paying, not only that, but his rates are among the best. 🙂 I see why! His strategy is to invest to get the publishers and then individually to profit. No worries, just have that in mind and always pay attention to your statistics, admins of url shorteners are also operating for profit so don't lay in bed with only one shortener, because you give them a chance to start milking you. Instead use many shorteners like me, and just switch from one to another to get maximum profit for your traffic.

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lol, badluck😂