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shorten-sh NEWS for low rates and many Pop Up ads again !  

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Hi friends, past week shorten-sh owner is testing some ad networks and new rates. From one of the best in the url shortener niche, he lowered them to $1.95 last few days. He had only one Pop Up when he lowered them, but now the rates are the same BUT the Pop Ups are nightmare again - 6 to 8. At this point I see no reason to continue working with that shortener, so I stop until I see stability which suits me. I don't recommend you to use it now, because it is full with ads!

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The shortensh site is very unsafe. I have a strong password that I use only there and I was hacked. It means either the admin is doing weird stuff with peoples accounts or they are unsafe. Anyway, I'm lucky because the account had $0.2 because I never really used shorten