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ouofly NEWS new terms of use  

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Hi friends, in case you didn't noticed ouofly link shortener has new rules. They are effective 10 days ago, but decided to share them for those of you who didn't noticed yet.

Policy Violation Update 9 AUG 2020

#1. Redirecting loop ( shorting our link with another shortener ) not allowed anymore means you have to send first click of your visitors on Ouofly link and you can short another shorteners link on Ouofly.

#2. Faucet traffic not allowed if you still sending traffic from faucet websites we can suspend your account permanently.

#3. Starting August 10, 2020, all payments will be sent weekly every Sunday / Monday.

#4. Due to some problems in blockchain.com, Bitcoin is temporarily unavailable as a withdrawal method. Please use other withdrawal methods until a further notice

(All pending/ approved bitcoin payments have been returned

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