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oke-io NEWS for new owner and payments to old scammed publishers.  

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Hi friends, I noticed that some old publishers who have been scammed in past few months, now started receiving their withdrawals. Also  it seems the shortener has again new owner, who knows that he can't continue doing business with the shortener if he doesn't pay to his publishers first. Now I am one of those who decided to try the service again, but soon after I started now I stopped here are the reasons:

1. My CPM is ridiculously low - $1.30 per 1000 views.

2. The site has server offline issues. Right now it is not working again and the server is down. All i see is cloudflare notice for no connection to the server. I guess the new owner is moving the site to new location, we have no announcements for new ownership yet, so I guess when it is ready we will see it. Hopefully the CPM and the server will be stable by then.

So for now, don't use the service!

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