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exe NEWS regarding PAYMENTS  

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I copy this from the dashboard announcements of exe.io:

Updates (20 March 2020)3/21/20, 3:51 AM


- Because of the high number of payment requests, we recently had some delays regarding processing them. However, we are doing our best to process all pending/approved payment soon, and we promise that in future we will do our best to process all payments within 48 hours.

- xfile.io is currently down. Unfortunately, we can not restore it until next month. If we do, we will post an annoucement about that.

- Our support team have recently received many emails than usual. That is why it may take longer to receive a reply from us. We apologize for thr incovinince.

(Note: We are aware that there was a problem with shortened links on 19 March. The problem is now fixed, and everything should be working fine)

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