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cutearn NEWS just announced fixed CPM of $5 per 1000 views for all countries  

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Copied from their news section:

Now your cpm is stable! That is very good news, because thanks to that it does not matter where your visits come from, you will always earn $ 5 per 1000 visits (remember that we can raise and lower it, but we assume that the minimum will be 5).
And now we only count a single visit per ip.

Probaly soon we can make again cutearn better, fixed cpm and a lot of clicks, but we need time and also this we need the crisis is over, because now is when it is being noticed even more for everyone, each day that passes in quarantine is a day that companies lose money and we too, I hope they understand us and continue in cutearn as faithful members through thick and thin

Thank you I hope you don't mind this change. Team


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