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bitfly-io NEWS for dropping the rates with 15% !  

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Friends at the beginning of it's business adventure bitfly-io URL shortener started dropping their rates, finally! My CPM was around 3.9 last few weeks and now after $60 total amount received, the admin notice he is in overall loss and started dropping the rates. Let's see how much he is going to drop them, because I am 100% sure if he continue doing that, I am OUT. Right now he is still some kind of beating the competitors, at least for me, but if the rates drop further it is becoming no different then any other ghost shortener who is fighting for some traffic with the rest of em. If the admin want's to establish as a leader among all those dead souls, he must show a little bit deeper pockets to get publishers. Also he have to keep it that way for few months, to get links, thousands of them, only then he can decrease rates. Right now all he gets are publishers like me, who can switch their traffic to other shorteners with a blink of an eye. YET I write about his shortener until he is paying and as you can see I also trash it, if I see he is not doing the business right. So he needs people like me, who will drive peoples attention to his shortener. Then he must continue paying premium rates to keep people like me and get more form those who actually make backlinks to his shortener. At some point he must check the stats and how much backlinks he got, and then he can eventually lower rates, because people who post links to forums, nowadays can't edit the posts and the links stay there forever. This is how admin should do it. Not only this admin, but the admin of every shortener. A lot of them think this game is a sprint, NO it is a marathon! 

KEEP MONITORING and INFORMING you guys, you still can use bitfly-io and earn better than the rest!


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