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short2cash CHEATING REPORT for shaving in the number of counted visits  

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Hi guys according to some publishers ( including @DevNagy ) short2cash link shortener is not counting the visitors since August 20, 2020. If you haven't noticed check your stats now.

My opinion is they cheat to get some money to be able to pay and get some profit. If they don't count the visits but still show ads on their short links, means they steal from their publishers, because they don't pay for their traffic, but profit from it. This is a classic shaving in very very shameless way. This shortener is new and won't stay longer mark my words! Take you money and get out!

NO REFERRAL LINK, don't want to have anything common with this shortener!

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i've contacted the support via whatsapp a lot ,he seems to be honest. he said my account is the one only which has issues with counts.

he told me to make new account again and he will transfer the balance.