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GPLinks CHEATING REPORT method to cheat without being punished  

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GPlinks brags it's high rates for India and other countries near it but can't pay those rates so tries to avoid having to by utilising a sketchy method - 1 view per ip per 24 hours but that's for all users. So, if a visitor went on GameHacker123's link at 6am and then went on FreeMusicDownload432's link at 7am, only GameHacker123 would be earning. This also means that if GameHacker123 had a link to hack CoolGame123, which is the one that visitor went to at 6am, and then GameHacker123 also had a link to hack StarGame987 and visitor went to it too at for example 10am, Gamehacker123 would have still earned only 1 time. This is probably the worst tactic I have seen among the cheating shorteners. Look out!

- Lukáš