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exe-io CHEATING REPORT for crashed ad pages and blocked traffic, no counting!  

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Just noticed my stats from exe-io link shortener today and that they are stuck. I've tested one of my short links and this is what I got after clicking on the blue CONTINUE button:

Missing CSRF token cookie

Error: The requested address '/hdivob' was not found on this server.

Be careful, you are losing money right now!

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I'm not 100% sure it's cheating, but I can explain what happened in this error.

The AdLinkFly script uses $_POST in PHP, this is in this case to check if the user passed the first page, by checking his CSRF token from it. If there is none, you will get this error, because the system doesn't know if you passed the first page or not. On the first page, there should be an <input hidden> tag with your CSRF token in the form that you submit.

Either exe admin removed the input tag for sometime to cheat, or his server is not making $_POST correctly