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bitfly-io CHEATING REPORT for shaving, doesn't count all visits !  

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Ok friends, just as I expected bitfly-io url shortener started shaving soon after dropping the CPM. At this point there are two main conclusions, the shortener is in heavy loss and needs to cheat (lie about rates and the counting of all visitors from all countries). So do not trust so much the shortener, it is becoming a shit show just like most of them. I approached the admin at FB yesterday to ask about the issue, and I was assured it is a temp problem and statistics will be updated as soon as possible. I was sure that is another lie, so here I am, reporting the cheater, because he didn't updated the statistics, and stole visitors from us. This is a dishonest behavior and the admin should be ashamed!

DO NOT USE THIS SHORTENER if you are looking for honest rates and counter !