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The site looks nice, good options and features. Compare to others with same script, uploadship looks professional. I would try it, but only after they bring back the minimum withdrawal to $25. Right now it is ridiculous $100. Their excuse for the rise to 100 is Covid19, which in my opinion is part SCAM, because all users with less than $100 in balance will never be able to withdraw, which means almost all of their users. Only those who risk to make such a big amount, can make the request and based on my experience I think half of them will be scammed. Do not go there and don't bite that, you will regret. Wait until they are back to normal, which means until they scam enough of people to make up for their losses. Been there, seen that!

  • DOMAIN info:

Registered On: 2018-12-03

  • Payment options:

Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill and many others. Minimum $100.00, because of Covid-19. They say it will be back to 24 ASAP.

  • Payout rates, as of May 30:

Fixed to $5 for all 1000 downloads for all files above 0.00 KB

  • Payment schedule:

They Process All Payout Payments Daily and Earnings can be withdrawn when balance is over $100.00.
Payout maximum delay period is 7 days if there's a huge amount of withdrawal requests.

  • Contact/support respond time:

Message sent, will report when get reply. EDIT: Their reply has been received 11 hours after my initial message. So they reply with delay of 11 hours. Nice response, looking good!

  • Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $5,00
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