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Rockfile-co REVIEW  

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Why Rockfile is different? (As a partner you should know more about us)
- We have the best infrastructure and we pick our server hardware carefully.
- Custom File-servers load-balancing which allow us to offer best service with maximum efficiency.
- Highly skilled and experienced team.
- High speed for all users.
- Responsive design which allow us to serve users on all devices (Mobiles, Tables, and Desktop) which will help making Rockfile the beloved service provider for your users.
- Blazing fast website browsing.
- Available in multiple languages.
- Long storing time, up to 180 days for free users.
- You set your own minimum payout, which allow you to store your money safely with us until it reach certain amount, and you don't need to request it manually, we got you covered.
- Automatic payouts, which provide you with peace of mind, we take care of everything for you.
- High PPD & PPS rates.
- Detailed reporting which help you make better decisions and increase your revenue.
- Stable service with guaranteed uptime of 99.9%
- Special offers for our affiliate members including discounted premium plans and increased rates ocassionally.
- Payouts made via the most used E-wallets
- Wide range of countries served in PPD plan.
- Points based rewarding program runs in parallel with your earning plan (PPD, PPS or MIX). NEW

Earn up to $30/ 1000 downloads, 50% each Premium sale & 40% for rebills
- Our affiliate program allows you to earn from file downloads, Premium sales & even referrals.



1. PPD only :-
100% from download profit, 0% from Sales

2. PPS only :-

50% from Premium sales & 30% Rebills, 0% from downloads
(It's easy to guarantee sales with us as we have a stable and superior service level, we also accept wide range of payment methods)
We accept 
VISA & Bitcoin.

3. Mixed plan :-
50% from Downloads, 40% from Premium Sales & 30% rebills


4. Referral earnings NEW
Earn points by referring users / uploaders and share earnings with them by points which converted to money.
You get points when a new referred user sign up, and on every download a referred uploader receive.

5. Webmaster earnings NEW
A. % on sales come from your website. [contact us to join]
B. Refer your website uploaders and get points on each download your uploaders receive. [No need to contact us.]

You can choose from PPS, PPD, Mixed from your account page after registration.


PPD Price Table :-
Prices calculated based on possible ADS revenue and/or sales volume comes from each country



Tier / Size (MB)
3MB+ 35+ 180+ 755+ 3050+
A $7 $10 $12 $14 $30
B $5 $7 $8 $10 $20
C $ 1 $ 3 $ 5 $ 6 $ 15

A : USA, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Belgium+, Germany, France

B : Japan, Italy, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Singapore, Denmark, South Africa, Luxembourg, Austria, Norway, Ireland, Cyprus, Sweden, Switzerland

C: Brazil+, Spain-, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Russian Federation, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, kuwait, South Korea

(+) Newly added or moved up, (-) Moved down for low efficiency at the current season, (^) Test Position [seasonal offer/test], (Mlti DLs) Multiple downloads per IP

Rules & Info. :-
Program Information:

- We pay for files starting from 3MB.
- You set your minimum payout as you prefer, but it couldn't be less than $20 and not more than $300.
- We pay using Webmoney, Neteller, Skrill, Bitcoin & PayPal (PayPal Minimum is $50)
- Only completed downloads counted.
- We count multi. downloads from same IP in 24 hours (used seasonally to increase your revenue).
- No need to request your payouts manually anymore.
- Payout request is generated automatically 2 times a month at dates (01 & 15) and you will get paid within 10 business days after request is generated. (usually earlier).
- You can control who can download your files, Premium Users Only, or all visitors.
- You can change your profit mode 7 days after last update.
- We apply withdrawal fee of  8.5% ($16 max.) on Webmoney; 14.45% ($29 max.) on Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, 13.45% ($25 max.) on PayPal; and 13.45% ($25 max.) on Neteller.
- We apply 10% fee on Inactive accounts once every month (Inactive means accounts without login for 180 days or more).



Program Rules:
- You should log into your account within 7 days prior the payout generation date in order to generate your payment (we ignore inactive users).
- We are not responsible if you entered incorrect payment details, we are unable to undo anything once it has been issued.
- Don't remove your files while you still have money in your account to allow our team to review your account before payment issuance.


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hello there, welcome here I am berlin
just quick info pls try to write the articles in not more than 80-100 words because what I think is nobody is having that long time to read this Romeo-Juliet's story. rest of all you are just good and welcome to this forum😉

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@berlin - ok bro