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Very old PPD website. If your traffic is not against their TOS, then you are OK and you will get paid. However if you offer files which are not allowed, you will get your account deleted when you request a payment and it will hurt, because the minimum for withdraw is $100. Just don't bother in my opinion, doesnt't worth the risk, time and energy. There are so many others which will be happy to pay your or your copyrighted movie/music/apk/porn traffic. 🙂

  • DOMAIN info:

Registered On: 2001-08-06

  • Payment options:

Bitcoin, Amazon Gift Card - $100 minimum for withdrawal.

  • Payout rates, as of May 31

File Size | 10MB - 299MB | 300MB - 499MB
A                $5.00                  $10.00
B                $3.00                  $6.00
C                $1.00                  $1.00
D                $0.50                  $0.50

  • Payment schedule:

Monthly, sometimes 2 months or more, prepare to wait!

  • Contact/support respond time:

Message sent, will report when get a reply!

  • Worldwide deal (lowest payout rate for all countries): $0,50
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