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uploaded-net PAYMENT PROOF from December 22, 2020  

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Uploaded-net uploading site is one of the highest paying pay per upload/download websites in the world. With payout rates up to $30 per 1000 downloads it is unbeatable in the uploading niche. However, last few months many uploaders experienced issues with uploaded-net in terms of lack of payments. Well I also had this delay, but eventually i got my btc and with that, I noted a second payment with this uploaded-net account, after I abandoned my first one. The issue was I got 2 rejected payments and I've just decided to try with completely new registration, from new IP, mail etc. and it turned out I've fooled uploaded-net Even tho I celebrate my success, I doubt I will continue using this uploading site, because the risk is very high of getting a rejection again. To all of you who want to try it out, remember few things, 1. if you get even 1 DMCA your account is flagged and you will never be paid from that account. 2. if you want to bypass that, use multiple accounts with different IPs and browsers. 3. uploaded-net is very late with the payments, almost monthly sometimes 3 months, so you can't count on fast payments. 4. support is useless there, they are writing same mail to every kind of payment issue and basically it is useless to write to them. Good luck! Check below my last payment proof from uploaded-net:

Screenshot 20200614 141033 Firefox
Screenshot from 2020 06 14 14 05 27
Screenshot from 2020 06 10 23 26 07