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up-4ever PAYMENT PROOF from April 13, 2020  

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Hi friends,

this PPD website (pay per download) is very old. To be honest I was scammed with $100 years ago, but I was young and stupid back then. After that I've learned to never accumulate more than $20 for one withdrawal. However I've decided to risk again with small amount and see if they will pay me this time. The result is great. Their ad pages are great for my visitors who can start the download without too much PopUp ads or annoying redirects and other kind of stuff. Their counter is fair and don't shave. I guess they've learned their lesson back in the days when they were just starting the business. Back then they were shaving and scamming people. But as it is normally expected, that way you won't get rich, you will ruin your business and lose all uploaders who are your most valuable asset. Now, they seem to know that. BUT, here comes the BUT part, it took them 11 days to clear my two withdrawals. For proof check the date of request and date of payment transaction. If you want fast payments, this one is not for you!

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