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katfile PAYMENT PROOF from July 19, 2020  

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First payment received from katfile Pay Per Download site. After a lot of waiting and risking not a small amount I've finally got rewarded for my patience and it's really nice to be paid. To be honest I've decided to risk so much not because I'm a gambler, but because I know the admin from his URL shortener and that he always paid his publishers. This admin just take the job seriously and value his publishers/uploaders. katfile PPD upload website is a perfect place to start earning from your downloaded files. Oh almost forgot, I even had one premium sale which I was rewarded for, I've experienced that once in the past with uploaded PPD website and one more I can't remember the name. Most of the PPDs are shavers and never tell you how much sales you have. Well that's it, check my payment proof below:

Screenshot from 2020 07 20 07 53 47
Screenshot from 2020 07 20 07 54 24
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