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katfile-com PAYMENT PROOF from October 20, 2020  

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So HOW FAST katfile-com pays, well you can see from the payment proof below that it is paying with 41 days late! Meanwhile you can't make another withdrawal, so you are f*cked until you get paid! However, the rates are awesome at least to me, my CPM is double than with the rest PPD websites. Have in mind that lately the owner reported a loss of 5000 usd  with his URL shortener shorten-sh due to which he decided to get out of the url shortener business niche. A little before that and shorte-sh was loaded with heavy ads to milk the publishers and uploaders traffic for some money. At that point i stopped using both sites, because my statistics and earnings dropped, because of that aggressive monetization. Right now I don't know how katfile-com performs and how user friendly it is!

Screenshot from 2020 10 24 23 53 06
Screenshot from 2020 10 24 23 50 08
Screenshot from 2020 10 24 23 52 49


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