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uploaded-net NEWS for lack of payment and people report many troubles.  

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I also have a balance of over 50 EUR at uploaded-net pay per download website, and I also was unable to withdraw it. At this point uploaders report for unusual delay in payments. Also I noticed that DMCA bots are very active lately and some government agencies all over the world (mostly the one in USA) are trying to clear the trash from the internet. Most of the uploaded-net users are pirates and their uploads are copyright infringement. I also noticed that big platforms like Twitch are also under heavy DMCA fire, a lot of users are banned last month. I guess with all that COVID-19 shit, copyright owners realize that they will starve if they don't clear the interenet from their free stuff available everywhere. I also assume they take personal actions and also collective actions via their organizations by pressuring their government authorities to also do some work. So I think uploaded-net is under heavy DMCA and legal fire right now and that is the reason for the lack of payments. It is very possible people from the company to be jailed or the funds of the company to be frozen. I can think of many logical reasons for the lack of payments.

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the site is blocked here 🤣