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URL Shorteners finally found alternative way to earn with google adsense  

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It seems that more and more of the old experienced shortener admins, who are fighting with adsense scam ever since early 2019, are now using advanced and sophisticated way to bypass the adsense block. I am glad to see that the niche finally is going in the profitable direction again, hopefully this time for good. I am monitoring few shorteners last few months and how they monetize the traffic from their publishers and I must admit I am impressed from their stubborn attempts to trick google. Well, there is a real progress in this and I was sure it will be done sooner or later. If you are a shortener owner and you wonder why your shorteners adsense was disabled / blocked with your money, then you are completely new in this niche and you need to read some from the posts here. 

As for the adsense bypass method I've mentioned in this post I will keep it private for now, hopefully giving the innovative shortener owners to earn a but more than their competitors. It is well deserved profit from them and I think it is fair to leave the HOW TO secret for a bit longer. After all they got many bans and lost lot of money to be where they are right now. Do not message me in personal, to ask me for the method, because I will not help you at this point. Do your own homework to get into this niche! Maybe after some time I will describe the method, but most likely it will be locked for people who post new threads in this forum and get likes form other forum members.

The idea of this post was to tell you that there is light in the tunnel and we may have more shorteners and high payout rates again, just like ti was few years ago. 😉

Best REGARDS and good luck to all!

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we have already arrived at the market just in the right time🤣

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In my opinion, 

AdSense is a POS of an ad network. I'm approved and the CPC is good. Like really good. Maybe even $0.5 per click for some good GEOs. But, sh*t hits the fan when you look at fill rate being like 8% and the payments being monthly and ONLY to bank.

I recommend to use some adsense partner like themoneytizer if you want to use adsense ads on the URL shortener.