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HIGH CPM shortener with 1 IP count per 24 hours or LOW CPM with 2 IP counts, which one is better ?  

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So in continuation to the NEWS about fc-lc decision to ask the people, I decided to share my opinion here and start a discussion about the matter. Please, share your opinions also and try to argument yourself.

This is my advice to fc-lc admin and also to uiz-io admin few months ago, the last one is doing fine even tho he didn't use lighter ads and fair counter, as I advised him and maybe that is why he can't attract the big publishers.

So here is what I've wrote to the fc-lc admin:

In my opinion you should make a shortener with medium CPM and 2 views count per 24 hours, because there is less competition in this range and there is a demand for such service. First, there are a lot of people with a lot of traffic, which don't like the high CPM shorteners for the aggressive ads their visitors have to see. A big part of their traffic is literally blocked, redirected or just lost on those short link pages. These publishers are looking for shorteners with less ads and less CPM, but higher counting rate, because they want to keep their visitors happy, not losing them because of the high CPM aggressive ads fake and hidden buttons. They want piece with trusted shortener, honest counters and stable servers which can handle the load of their traffic. This is from the stand point of a publisher with a lot of traffic. Now from your stand point (LIKE A SHORTENER OWNER) a high CPM is not a good decision, because it is more likely toe be a target for cheaters. Cheaters prefer to milk high CPM shorteners, because they know how to cheat them, ones they calibrate their tools. And for X amount of time they get bigger Y income. They can't do that with low CPM, because for X amount of time they will get less Y income for the same cheating resources they have. So if you read carefully my advice, you will also find it rational to make a shortener which targets the mentioned publishers with lot of traffic and in the same time avoid the cheaters. This can be achieved with lower CPM than the competitors, which the cheaters will go to milk instead. And last but not least, if it happens to be cheated or work in loss, because you have less income than the payouts to publishers, your loss will be a small absolute amount with low CPM compare with situation in which you have high CPM. So bottom line - the better url shortener service is the one which has

1. fast loading server,

2. lighter ad pages (2 max),

3. 2XIP count in 24 hours,

4. lower range CPM.

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I think the high CPM is better, cause ad the end you are one taking the risk🤣