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DISCUSSION COVID-19 Causes Drop In Shortener CPM  

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Due to the Corona virus, which is rapidly infecting my country, Czech Republic and Slovakia, many shorteners have lowered their CPM and edited their ads. It is allegedly due to advertisers spending less because people are in lockdown/quarantine, including me, and they not leave their house to go buying some products and will not feel like spending money on random products and because of this their costs will go down aka the CPM drop will affect publishers, in this case shortener owners', RPM forcing them to lower their CPM for publishers. Some shorteners did this in a calm fine way such as TopShort and cutearn however gplinks decided to lower their already subpar rates to $2-7 and put more ads on their website. They infact decided to use Moneytizer, quite risky, to put Taboola's native ads, the ones that make money even when there's problems like this since it's only recommending articles and they can be read anytime, on their website resulting in them profiting, Taboola has $0.4 worldwide CPM per ad minimum, 6 X $0.4 = $2.4. That already gives them $0.4 profit over what they give - jealousy in my opinion but think what you think, this is opinion based. It actually seems to be a commodity to make the rates $2 now (unless you are an unspecified Egyptian shortener which uses AdSense), since even TopShort and Cutearn, the ones who have only Moneytizer have chosen to do so, which I am mostly confused about when they have many pages full of ads but again that's just an opinion.

Thanks for reading, Lukáš.

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