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TOP WAYS to get free TRAFFIC fast to your links or website, suggested by 5 youtubers!  

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Hi friends, I spend some time to watch 6 videos by one of the biggest youtubers with thousands of subscribers and in these article I will list for you the ways they suggested for free and fast traffic to your shorten links or website. I will also give my opinion about their ways and at the end I will announce which one I think is the best. I know that watching such videos is really annoying and time wasting and in most cases the content is fake and real sh!t, so I decided to save you some time and just list all suggested ways for fast read. Hope that way you will start faster with better motivation. So here are the suggestions these youtube gurus suggest to all of us:


1. Caffeinated Blogger - 110K subscribers

video name (4 New Free Website Traffic Sources - Get Free Traffic Fast)

Screenshot from 2020 10 14 18 53 31

So he suggests you the following ways:


Now Quora is a website which is question and answer based, so you can get traffic there, but you need to make a profile, the profile need to look legit. Have in mind that moderators hardly allow your first answers if you profile or your answer seems not legit ans SPAMMY. That is something this youtuber is not telling you. Also you may be reported by others. Have in mind that in most cases the questions are made for fake answers from same person who ask the question and this person may report your answer just to not have it listed. You need some time to make your first answer and you need to know good English! But YES, ones you set your profile you can start getting good traffic, just be smart with your answers and make them look genuine, at least!

- Share by others on social media

This is absolute sh!t suggestion and the youtuber needs a dislike for this fake content. We need fast traffic, how can you ask others to share your content fast ? This is ridiculous and as much as the share content on social platforms is real option, it is not for you, but for people with big and famous websites, which doesn't need free traffic fast. :))

- Answer the

That's only if you have a blog or website and want ideas for content which google to appreciate and send you visitors who search for it, not fast! So again this suggestion deserve a dislike, because the video title says FAST and this way is not giving you fast traffic!

- Send emails

Come on you need emails, where will you get those ? Maybe the youtuber will give them to you? This also deserve dislike and a report for low quality content and misleading title, can we do that ? :)) I hate to see big youtubers with so many subs who provide fake and sh1t content.


2. John Crestani - 422K subscribers

video name (Where To Put Your Links | 13 Free and Easy Places)

Screenshot from 2020 10 14 22 58 08

- (Check my opinion above. This way is good and you should try it 100%. Tested and working, you get traffic same day.)

- Use niche websites/forums to post there (doesn't talk about spam filters!)

This also can work! Need a lot of time to find the sites, create accounts and make first posts. Absolute nightmare is to make your first post, because the forums has rules and moderators delete all new posts which are not written according to them. Also the registrations are pretty annoying and can take you a lot of time with site bugs and delivery of the confirmation mails for the registration. You may be limited to post first day or if you don't have few posts in other sections. Basically forum owners are really trying to protect from people like you and me, who use their platforms for pure spam. You have to be smart!

- Create blogs (needs time)

Although it is easy and free, if you are new into this you will lose a lot of time to start, but after you get used you can start a pretty good blog, which will bring you traffic from google searchers - the best traffic ever. Ones you have one blog with 100+ posts, make another one and another one and another one, don't stop. Each blog will bring you more and more visitors. My advice is, don't make only one blog with many posts, better make several blogs and split your posts. 🙂 This way to get traffic is legit, but will take time - between 2 weeks and a month for google to crawl the blog and appreciate your content.

- Instagram (need to get followers)

I admit that never tried this platform, so I don't have experience there. However, without followers you are a dead soul there and can't get much. Making followers will take time!

- Youtube (make channel, need subscribers)

I obviously have a bit of experience in that and yes you can get a lot of traffic from youtube if you have a channel for trending content. Something really people search for and want. Don't concentrate on subscribers, because that's a complete bull sh!t. To get 1000 subscribers you need to have like 100 000 watches. Like 1% of your channel visitors will subscribe. That's the average number. If you have super great content you may get a bigger %. To get my subscribers I was promoting the channel in personal messages. That is a hard damn work like hell, but it is working if you are ok with going to hell for a while. 🙂 DO NOT PAY FOR SUBS OR USE SUB4SUB. That may ban you. and also you can't benefit from fake subs which never will see your videos. I see channels with 10 k subs with videos which has like 50 views - FAKE as HELL!

- Facebook posts in groups

This is a good way to get visitors, but you need to apply to join those groups and be approved. Ones you are in you are ready to start posting. Don't forget to read the group rules, to avoid post deletion, or even get removed from the group. Be smart, post images which takes the eyes.

- Post comments on others peoples blogs

The youtuber just show you the way, without any important info. Here is the info you need also to know about. This way is known as guest comment posting, you need to use blogs with high traffic, so check the alexa rank of each blog. Make your comments genuine and not SPAM like (only links), so you have to add something interesting to the article of the blog owner in two sentences. That will enrich his content and the blogger will tend to allow/approve your comment. Have in mind that in 90% of the blogs your comments will not be shown immediately under the blog article, because the admin will want to check and approve it first. So be smart!

- Send personal messages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email)

Really good way to get traffic, in my opinion this is one of the best ways. The youtuber don't tell you how to do it successfully and also don't explain how to avoid account block. So here is my add to this way. Send messages only to interested people in the niche/content you offer or promote. So use people who like such facebook content or are members of such groups. Make your first messages experimental. For example chat with 10 people and use different ways to promote your links, then use the chat method which actually got the person interested and he clicked on your link. You must make this experiment, after that just copy and paste your chat messages from your successful chats, which lead to click on your links.


3. Jay Brown - 468K subscribers

video name (How To Get FREE Leads & Traffic To Your Website or Blog Fast! (Simple Hack!))

Screenshot from 2020 10 15 11 47 18

- Facebook messages and posts in such niche groups

add friends from groups and posts about your niche content (send them your short link), Use posts with many likes and message the people who like the posts, OR message the people who are members of the group. I have already explained that method above. This youtuber introduce a tool who automatically click on "add friend" FB button. I tried to download that tool, but in the video description the link is fake and leads to a website which collects your personal data. This youtuber should be banned from youtube for that! There is no tool and the video is fake as f*ck. Also his title is clickbait, there is no "Simple Hack" absolute lie! Do not trust such videos who introduce such tools. 90% are fake and 10% are viruses. You install some piece of shit code and your computer gets infected. From here you are vulnerable and can lose a lot of money. The youtuber is not telling you that! . Absolute fake tool, but the facebook method is legit and I already supported that method above.


4. Wholesale Ted - 621K subscribers

video name (Top 5 Traffic Sources To Make SALES & $$$ (FREE Traffic & Paid Traffic Methods))

Screenshot from 2020 10 15 11 55 46

- Paid Facebook advertisement

OMG, we all know that you will get traffic if you pay Facebook to advertise your links, but that is not free. Absolute useless content for a youtuber with more than half a million subscribers. GO HOME girl, close your channel and stop spamming us with useless content.

- Search engine traffic (SEO)

First Search engine traffic, is not SEO, SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Second, this is not going to bring you traffic fast. You need a lot of skills to use google. Forget about SEO, just make some blogs and full them with a lot of content, just make thousands of posts like 1000 posts in each blog. Make many many many blogs, as much as you can, absolutely SPAM google. Trust me each blog will start getting traffic the first month! This is the best way to get free traffic from google. I recommend that way, but don't lose time in SEO, this is absolute bull sh!t. People use this SEO word to make money from those who think this is the holy grail of getting google search traffic. NO, the most important is to have a content which people search for and for which you have no competition, PERIOD!


5. Neil Patel - 760K subscribers

video name (7 Advanced Ways to Get Free Traffic That Converts | Neil Patel)

Screenshot from 2020 10 15 12 39 28

The GURU, the Batman in marketing niche, the wolf to the 3 pigs, the cat to the mouse, the content animal .... ladies and gents Neil Patel ! Here are his top ways to get traffic to your website or links:


Make posts at this platform like that. If you have a blog or a content you want to share, take first few paragraphs or a short part of it and just post it like a new story. At the end of the post add "read more" link to your website or content (if you use other peoples content with short linking to it). I never tried this, I ones tried to register ad medium, but it asked me for money to be able to register. Now I tried again and I logged in by using my gmail. Guess I will try it and report soon if the method is good or not. But indeed medium has really good traffic worldwide.


So Neil suggests you to create and account there and just post some interacting content like videos or images with short introduction text which at the end is linking to the content you want to share. I never tested that, but I know that linkedin has pretty good google ranking and I also can assume that by posting there your posts will also appear in google faster than if you have own website or blog. Actually this is valid for all those platforms, you post there only because your posts will appear fast in google search, that's all.

- Ask podcasters to invite you as guest to their podcast

He talks about to ask those podcasters for permission to quote them in you blog articles first. Then when they see that you have quoted them and also have quotes from other podcasters they will eventually link to your post. I think that this method is valid only if you already have established website or blog and you have good experience about the content you write about. Never tried that, but I am sure Neil does.

- Expert roundups 

Basically this post of mine is example of an exert roundup. I roundup the experts which in my case are the biggest youtubers who create content about digital marketing. I summarize them and give my value, my opinion, my suggestion and my comments about what they say. I will do that at the end of this article. However this will not bring you traffic fast and you must promote your article. This method is not for fast traffic 100%.

- Do giveaways to others to promote and share your content

Come on Neil, that's not FREE as you say in you video title. What ca we give in order to get back ? Neil suggest to give the people points, which they will later use on your website. Well brainstorm that, but I don't think this method is fast and will bring you traffic easy. First you need a website with points system and a clear strategy how people will spend those points, if they will spend it on content, then that means you must have a lot of content to offer.

- Onepress social locker plugin for Wordpress

In my opinion this is a paid advertising of this plugin. With this plugin you can lock a part of your content and ask the reader to share your content on their social profiles to unlock the content. That requires you to have a website and good quality content which someone will really wants. I am think the idea is good, but to reach the usage of that plugin you really have to do some hard work on content creation.

- Go live on social platforms and promote your links

This requires you to have followers, subscribers and friends who will watch you. To get that kind of audience you need to work hard for some time, and is not easy!


So now I will summarize the best ways/methods to get traffic out of the mentioned above by the experts:

  2.  Use niche websites/forums to post there
  3.  Create blogs (needs time)
  4.  Youtube channel. Without subscribers, just publish a lot of videos. That way people will search and find your videos only by searching. 80% of my youtube views are from searchers who view the content for 1st time. So you really don't need subscribers.
  5.  Send personal messages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, email)
  6.  Facebook posts in groups in same niche as your content.
  7. posts
  8. posts

These are the methods which in my opinion you should try simultaneously. I am sure that by using them you will see substantial amount of clicks on your links/visitors to your website.

And at then end I want to suggest one method which is not mentioned by the experts above - TELEGRAM. Yes...

      9. Personal messages in Telegram app

Make an account, set your username, hide your phone number, upload a good avatar and start engaging people. Do it smart, don't send links with first message, wait people to reply to you and show interest. If you message links and images to people in first message to them, you will 100% get your account banned. The good thing about the Telegram ban is that it is temporary first time for a week, then for more time only if you are supper spammy or really send bad band things you may get your account deleted. So if you get a ban for a week then you do it wrong. Again do it smart, promote links to content which is super interesting. Message the telegram users like a real person not like a bot. You may ask, how to find people to message, my answer is, use telegram search for groups and channels, ones you find some, check if you can see their members lists, then just engage the members one by one, starting from members who ARE ONLINE or have been online today. Don't message to people who were online days ago or weeks or months ago.

That is all friends, hope this article to help you get traffic/visitors to your links/websites. If you think this post is useful, share it with your friends at your social platforms. Good luck! 🙂



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number 1 give very good tips often, but the whosale ted has shit tips