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TIPS on how to find LEGIT URL Shorteners!  

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Article by: @v1j1key

In this article I will show you some tips on how to find URL shorteners, after that I will tell you how to know which one of them are legit and you can use. However, if you have a lot of traffic and you can spare some part of it to test new shorteners, feel free to do that. Actually that way you can find a really valuable partner for long term. That is how I found one of my first partners and we worked together for almost 2 years, before adsense banned his account, because of their sudden policy change.

Search in GOOGLE!

Most URL Shorteners nowadays use adlinkfly script for their websites. That is why most shorteners have the same design. They are looking like this:

At the start I was thinking that it is a kind of scam and I was avoiding to work on such shorteners which looks the same like those who scammed me. However, I found out about this script and even that shortener owners pay for it. Now, why I am telling you this, because you can use the same page source code and default content for a search query. Because most of them use this same script, you can copy a default set text by the adlinkfly developers. For example all shorteners which use adlinkfly script has a default description on their home page like this:

In this case I’ve selected the text: is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free“. Now check what will happen if you search for that exact phrase query at Google:

You see, 80% of all individual results are for URL shorteners which use adlinkfly script. You can use that tip to search for another query, which is used by default from the adlinkfly developers.

Next, instead of searching for default text, used in the adlinkfly default template, check what will happen if you search for the payout rate’s page. All URL shorteners which use this script have a payout rates page, located at this default URL: URLshortener.DOMAIN/payout-rates Now let’s make a search query like this:

With that search query combined with the “inurl” operator, we instructed google to show us like results all websites which includes the phrase “payout-rates” in some of their URLs. You can combine both search tips and modify them if you think for more appropriate search phrases. Also that tip to search for URL shorteners is universal and you can use it for other URL shrotener scripts. All scripts have some default content set by the developers and also some default pages with specific URLs, which you can search for.

Search in YOUTUBE!

Of course, after performing a google search you can move to youtube. It is full with channels which promotes shorteners to get referral users and earn %10 to %30 commission on all publishers earnings. The incentive is to promote legit shorteners, because only that way they will get paid. However, you must remember that those youtubers, without many subscribers have nothing to lose. They can afford to promote any shortener, just to see if they will get paid. Only trust youtubers with big number of subscribers, because if they use scam shorteners, they will just lose subscribers. Now what search queries can you use for youtube? Try these:

Search in FACEBOOK!

The next place to search is Facebook. Just go there and use the search box at the top of the page. Use some search phrases like: “shorten url“, “shorten links“, “URL shortener” and any other combination of keywords which you think are related to the shortener niche. After you hit the search button, or ENTER button on your keyboard, you must do one last thing. Look at the toolbar under the facebook search bar and choose to search only in the facebook pages, check the picture below:

I’ve made example search queries for you, so you can try what I mean. To be honest, these are the query phrases I’ve always used:

Oh, almost forgot, when you execute a search, go to each facebook page from the results. Then, look in the right panel/side of the facebook page for a tab called “Related Pages“. In that tab facebook shows you 3 related pages of the page you are currently looking, so more shorteners may appear there. This tab is important, because those pages are not only related, but also popular in some way. That is why facebook is suggesting you to check them as well.

Check info about all LEGIT shorteners!

Useful way to search for shorteners is to use traffic analytics tools like Alexa and check the information related to the traffic of each URL shrotener you know. How does this work? Open in you browser this link:

What you will see is a statistic page of the URL shortener shrinkearn. There you will see a related websites based on the same visitors/traffic. There are several tabs you should pay attention to, because they are showing results based on different criteria: Similar Sites by Audience Overlap, Traffic Sources, Referral Sites and Audience Overlap. Check the screens below:

Similar Sites by Audience Overlap

Traffic Sources and Referral Sites

Audience Overlap

You can use the alexa url above, just modify it and change the domain of shrinkearn to the domain of the URL shortener you want to investigate. I suggest you to do that from time to time with all shorteners you know or find, because traffic is changing and you may find some good partners.

Check the biggest forums!

Last but not least, check one of the biggest forums in the internet, about making money with URL shorteners. Some of them have specific category about shroteners, some don’t. Pay attention to what people comment there and participate by sharing you positive or negative experience from the URL shorteners you work with. That way you will help others with valuable information and will also receive help in same manner. Here are links to the URL shorteners categories of some of the biggest forums out there:

Now, as I promised, I will tell you how to find out, which of those new URL shorteners is LEGIT, so you don’t get scammed. For that reason I’ve made a separate article which is related to this and will 100% help you stay out of troubles, check it out, it is simple and quick to read: