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Clear all Ad Networks & Earnings from them 16th August, 2020  

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Joined: 2 years ago has recently started copying the ad pages of popular site ShrinkEarn, but this one got more ads and lower rates, so for now ShrinkEarn is beating its competitor.

They use moneytizer as their main source of monetisation, which pays 70-90 days after the end of the month, but the risk is on him, the owner, but you could still be careful!

Let's examine it's ad networks, and see how much profit it makes:

1st Page:

AdsTerra Banner Ad x1 - $0.1 (CPA/CPM)

AdTrue Banner Ad x1 - $0.3 (CPM)

Moneytizer Banner Ad x1 - $0.35 (CPM)

AdsTerra PopUp x1 - $0.25 (CPM/CPA)

Mobile10 PopUp x1 - $1 (CPM/CPA)

EvaDav inPage Push - $0.2 (CPC/RPM)

Galaksion Native - $0.8 (CPM, CPA, CPC, RPM)

The second page has the exact same amount of ads.

Altogether the worldwide earnings add up to approximately $6.


RPM - Earnings from Clicks and CPM in ad networks altogether per 1000 impressions.

CPM - Earnings from just views and no clicks per 1000 impressions

CPC - Earnings for 1 click

CPA - Earnings when someone completes an action such as a signup.

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how you get this info bro??

any website??

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@berlin No, I do reasearch myself, Ive been in adnetwork business a long time, so when I see a banner I immediately know where it is from, and most networks I have used before, so I know how much they pay.